How to Use ScanOutlook

ScanOutlook empowers you to repair corrupt Outlook PST/OST files and to recover deleted Outlook mailbox data without any hassle.

Part 1: Get Started

iMyFone ScanOutlook is a professional tool which helps you to repair corrupt Outlook PST & OST files and to recover deleted Outlook mailbox data - emails, attachments, contacts, calendar, etc. Download and install ScanOutlook on your PC, then follow this guideline to get back your valuable Outlook data files safely.


Part 2: Repair/Recover Outlook File

Step 1. Select PST/OST Files for Repair/Recover

After launching ScanOutlook on your computer, the first step is to choose the files you want to repair/recover.

There are three options available in the file selection dialogue.

Option 1: Select Default PST/OST

When you launch ScanOutlook, it will automatically load the Outlook data files in the default location. You just need to select the particular file to repair.

select default pst ost

Note: If your PST/OST files are not in the list, you can try another two options.

Option 2: Select PST/OST Manually

If you know the location of particular Outlook data file, click “Browse” button to locate it and open the files manually.

browse to open pst ost

Option 3: Search for PST/OST

If you don’t know the location, click “Search” button.

search for pst ost

Then click “Browse” to select a folder (or volume).

browse to select a folder

Hit “Search” to search for all the Outlook data files in the selected folder (or volume).

search selected folder

Step 2. Start to Repair

Once the PST/OST file is selected, click on “Repair” to initiate the process.

start to repair

ScanOutlook provides two modes for repairing: Quick Repair and Deep Repair.

  • Quick Repair: Faster repair PST/OST files.

  • Deep Repair: If you are unable to find the PST/OST files in quick repair mode, or the PST/OST files are corrupted, then use the deep repair mode.

Step 3. Preview Repaired/Recovered Files

Once the repair is done, all the recovered/repaired Outlook data files would be displayed at the left panel. Click the individual folder to preview and check the files.

preview repaired files

You can also preview and download the attachments from a repaired/recovered Outlook data file. ScanOutlook allows you to preview photo, document and other common file formats, and download any type of attachments.

attachment preview

Step 4. Export Repaired/Recovered Files

Select the folders/files and click on “Export Selected” button at the top menu.

export selected

Remember to choose a format and set a location to save the selected data, you can choose a file format amongst PST, MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, and PDF. Finally, click on “Export” button to begin the process.

start to export

It takes a few minutes, please wait patiently for the process to complete.

exporting selected files

When the export completes, your selected files have been saved at the specified location successfully.

export completed

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