Memory Card Photo Recovery: Everything You Need to Know

Using a memory card offers a lot of opportunities. It expands the memory capacity of your device and offers you an easy way to share files across different gadgets. Though they are mostly reliable, it is possible to lose important files from memory cards. Accidental deletion of photos from the memory card is common but there is a reliable way to recover them. Read on to find the reliable memory card photo recovery method.

What Happens to Photos Stored In Memory Cards When Deleted?

When photos are deleted from memory cards, they are not permanently removed immediately. They will continue to exist until a read/write action is performed. It is only when new photos are saved over the deleted space (overwriting of memory space) that a deleted photo will be completely wiped. It is important to stop using a memory card if photos were accidentally deleted and you want to recover them.

The Best Way for Memory Card Photo Recovery

There are different third-party software that you can use memory card deleted photo recovery but AnyRecover Photo Recovery is currently the most reliable one. Trusted by Macworld, PCWorld, iPhonelife, TechRadar, MacGeneration and several other giants, this tool works for accidental file deletion, accidental drive format, external drive recovery, partition loss, recycle bin deletion, and more.

AnyRecover Photo Recovery is a feature-rich tool that can help you in a number of different scenarios. The main features include:


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Features of AnyRecover

  • Supports all data types - AnyRecover is not for photos alone: it can recover over 1000 different formats including pictures, images, videos, documents, audio files, emails and archives.

  • Recovers from all storage Devices - It can recover data from different types of devices including memory card, internal hard disk, external hard drive, phone memory, camera memory, USB drive, and more.

  • Recovers from various situations - It doesn't really matter how files were lost from any particular device, AnyRecover will be able to get the files back.

  • Won't Do Any Damage to Photo Quality - designed with the latest & advanced recovery technical, it ensures the quality of photos will be the same as the originals.

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Steps to Memory Card Photo Recovery

Step 1: Open the AnyRecover application and select "External Device Recovery" mode.

external device recovery

Step 2: Connect the cardholder containing the memory card with lost data and click on "Next".

connect to computer

Step 3: Select the File type from the available options (photos in this case).

connect to computer

Step 4: Click "Scan" to search for the lost photos. Memory card recovery will start immediately. Be patient as this stage will take some time

Step 5: After the scanning process, AnyRecover will display all the files that have been recovered from the memory card. Select all the files you want to retrieve and preview them. Click on the "Recover" button, and the photos will be recovered.

preview and recover

Why Isn't It Suggested To Recover Files Back To The Original Drive?

The major reason why it is not advisable to do so is that the original data structures and data content will be corrupted or overwritten. This will result in permanent data loss, which is something you really want to avoid. Prepare another disk, instead, to save the recovered photos.

Tips To Avoid Data Loss on Memory Cards

Though you can always recover your lost files by using such reliable tools as AnyRecover, it is always better to prevent data loss at the first place. Here are some tips that can be helpful when you want to avoid data loss on memory cards:

Avoid being inpatient - Most cases of memory card data loss result from impatience on the part of the operator. When you are in a hurry, it is easier to make mistakes that can remove your stored files or damage your memory card.

Be conscious of your battery level - Low battery issues can always lead to data loss in any device. While using your camera, it is important that you keep an eye on the battery level and put in spare batteries that can properly power the device when needed.

Don't use your memory cards indiscriminately on different devices - It is better to use one card per device always. Mixing and matching your memory card with other cameras or devices can cause data corruption issues and lead to data loss.

Be careful while deleting or formatting - There will always need to delete some unwanted files or format your card from time to time. Do this with care to avoid destroying the card or erasing important data.

Use a card reader - Card readers speed up the transfer of data from memory card to a computer. Invest in a quality card reader and it will save you a lot of troubles.

Be careful while rotating and editing - These actions are best done with a desktop program; rotating and editing photos in the memory card will alter the data and may lead to loss.

Avoid backfilling - When you delete new photos and shoot new ones, the new ones will occupy the memory spaces left by the deleted ones. This makes it impossible to recover the deleted ones if there is any need for that.

Protect your card from the elements - water, dirt and high temperature can all affect your memory card negatively. Protect your card from weather elements.


Memory card photo recovery is possible with the right tool. AnyRecover Photo Recovery is currently the best tool to do that. It has the right features and is very reliable. Using it the right way will help you get back lost files from all device types. It is better, however, to avoid data loss at the first place by using your memory card the right way.

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By  Simon Marcus , to Photo Recovery

Posted on May 27, 2019  ( Updated: Dec 16, 2019 )

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