Top Solutions to Sync/Transfer Outlook Contacts to Android

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Most people usually find it hard syncing Outlook Contacts to Android devices. This is a very simple process as you will soon find out. You only need the right knowledge to make such a process happen. There is no need to worry as this post will be showing how such can be done in the simplest way.

Top Solutions to Sync/Transfer Outlook Contacts to Android

Are you searching for a solution on how to transfer your Outlook Contacts to Android? Do you know that this can be very technical especially when you don’t know what to do? Worst of all is that things can become more complicated than imagined. Below are solutions to get this done:

1Sync Outlook Contact to Android via Gmail

It is possible to sync your outlook contacts to Android using Gmail. This is one of the easiest ways to get this challenge solved. You can do this by following the steps below:

Step 1: Export Contacts from Outlook

Outlook should be opened. After that, the option which says "File" should get clicked on.

"Open & export" > "import/export" should get clicked on.

Locate "Import and Export wizard" and get the option which says "Export to A File" selected. After that, "Next" should get clicked on.

export contacts from outlook

Comma Separated Values should be selected after which you will have to click on "Next".

Beneath the Personal Folders, select the option which says "Contacts" and get "Next" clicked on.

Locate the "Finish" button and click on it.

Step 2: Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail

Sign into your Gmail account with your username and password.

On the left side of your account, get "Mail" clicked on.

Get the "Contacts" option selected. This will open the Contact List.

import outlook contacts to gmail

Get "More" > "Import" clicked on.

The option which says “Choose File” should get clicked on. Now the Outlook Address Book file should be selected. "Import" should get clicked on after this.

Step 3: Sync Contacts to Your Android Phone

Touch "Apps" > "Settings".

Under account, "Google" should be tapped on.

Get your Google account selected and touched.

Lastly, Contacts to Sync should be tapped on.

sync contacts to android

2Transfer Outlook Contact to Android Using Microsoft Exchange

It is very possible for outlook contact to be transferred to android via Microsoft exchange. In case you find the above solution technical, this one can help. Follow the steps below to get it done:

Step 1. Go to Play Store in your device and get the application for Outlook located. After installing it, get it opened.

Step 2. Sign into your Outlook account. Use the same details being used in gaining access to Outlook on your system. A new nickname will be requested for by the program. After a name has been chosen, "Next" button should be pressed.

On Outlook navigation panel, the nickname is going to be displayed. If you are going to be checking your messages, this is the tab you will be pressing.

Step 3. In order to get your app tailored, Menu should be pressed after which Account Settings will be selected. Once the Contacts button is pressed, your entire outlook contacts will be imported. Your contacts will then be synced to your Android device.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Sync Outlook Contacts to Android

There are times when you may find it very hard syncing your outlook contacts to Android. It is possible that something could be wrong.

For instance, you can check whether access to Outlook contacts is allowed or not. The steps below will help you do this:

Go to "Settings" > "Applications" > "Outlook". On your Android device. Ensure that Contacts has been enabled.

After that, Outlook app should be opened. Now goto "Settings" > get your account tapped on > get Sync Contacts tapped on.

Outlook Files Corrupted/Damaged, How to Repair Them?

Do you have damaged or corrupt Outlook files? Are you aware that transferring such files isn’t going to help in any way? It is important you get every damaged/corrupt file fixed before thinking about syncing them to your Android device. With a tool like ScanOutlook, such can be done easily.

ScanOutlook is simply one of the most reliable tools that can help get your Outlook files repaired in the best way possible. This is due to its highly sophisticated features which are listed below:


Features of iMyFone ScanOutlook:        

Damaged or corrupt Outlook PST/OST files can be repaired.

Deleted attachments, notes, tasks, emails, journals, calendar and more can be recovered easily.

It supports different Outlook versions like 2007, 2019, 2003, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Data is exported in various file formats such as PDF, HTML, RTF, MSG, EML and PST.

Data lost under any scenario can be recovered easily.

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How to Repair Outlook Files with ScanOutlook?

Step 1. ScanOutlook application should be launched on your PC. Outlook data files will be detected by the application. All you have to do is get those to be repaired selected. It is also possible for files to be selected manually. Just get the "Browse" or "Search" button clicked on.

Step 2. Once you’ve gotten the file selected, get the "Repair" button clicked on for the process to commence. For faster repair process, "Quick Repair" option should be chosen. However, if you want the ScanOutlook to do a thorough repair, "Deep Repair" option is the most ideal.

start to repair

Step 3. After the repair, you can get files previewed before recovering them finally. To recover your files, "Export Selected" should get clicked on. Be patient with this process since it takes some minutes to get completed.

export selected


Syncing Outlook Contacts to Android devices isn’t difficult as you only need to know the right way of getting it done. Whatever the case may be, it is very important to know that repairing your Outlook files with iMyFone ScanOutlook before attempting to sync them is recommended. This ensures they are in the best of conditions.

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By  Alva Doris , to Outlook Repair

Updated on Dec 02, 2020

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