Outlook Running Slow? Get the Top 5 Solutions to Fix It

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"I do not know what happened to my wife’s Outlook. It runs so slowly; right from launching the program to using it. We hope it’s not a virus! Please, I need a good tutorial for repairing issues that can cause Outlook slowing down."

Is your Microsoft Outlook running (or should I say “crawling”) slowly? The slow speed is most likely caused by Microsoft’s tons of features. It should not take so much time to load one profile. Hopefully, Microsoft optimizes its application. We, however, have some tricks and fixes for resolving the problem of Outlook slowing down.

Please read this guide to the end to discover the easy ways to make your MS Outlook run fast.

Top 5 Fixes to Outlook Running Slow Issue

1Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Step 1: Launch Outlook, but press and hold the CTRL key while doing it.

Step 2: Doing that makes Outlook open in Safe Mode. If the program is slow while running in Safe Mode, then it means that an add-in might be the cause of Outlook slow.

Step 3: Click the “File” menu.

Step 4: Hit “Options”.

Step 5: Select “Add-Ins”.

Step 6: Find the “Manage” button down the list.

Step 7: Click “Go”.  A screen will be shown. Uncheck it.

Step 8: Disable add-ins.

Step 9: Finally, close Outlook and start it normally to test if it is resolved. If solved, then start to enable the add-ins one-by-one. If it fails, mark the add-in that you added last and uninstall or reinstall it.

2Repair Outlook Profile

A corrupted PST file is one of the most common causes of Outlook being slow, because these files get damaged easily. Outlook is great, as it has a utility for fixing PST files.

To locate this tool, check one of the following locations:

- Disk drive:\Program Files\"Office version"\root\"Office version“

- Disk drive:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\"Office version"

- Disk drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\"Office version"

- Disk drive:\Program Files (x86)\"Office version"\root\"Office version"

When you see the tool, run it and browse for the PST file. To search for it, navigate to “Data File Properties” and hit “Advanced”.

3Disable Outlook Add-ins

You really do not need them, except one or two. To disable all the add-ins, run Outlook with elevated privileges (as administrator). Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Navigate to C:\Programs\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX, and locate Outlook.exe. Right-click it and click “Run as Administrator”.

Step 2. Allow Outlook to load. Next, click “Tools” on the menu bar and hit “Trust Center”. From the left-hand menu, select “Add-ins”. For new Outlook versions, you can find “Add-ins” by clicking “File”, and click “Options”.

trust center

Step 3. At the bottom of the “Manage” dialog box, click the “Go” button to reveal a list of all the add-ins.

manage com add ins

Step 4. Select all the add-ins, except for “Windows Indexing”.

Step 5. From the dropdown, choose “Exchange Client Extensions” but leave Exchange add-ins enabled if connected to a corporate network.

4Run Mailbox Tools

Microsoft added useful features to the more recent versions of Outlook. These Outlook versions come with built-in tools for shrinking the main PSPT file, as well as cleaning it up. To access Mailbox Tools, follow the mini guide below:

Step 1. On the Outlook window, click “File” and select “Tools”.

mailbox tools

Step 2. There, you will see the following options: Mailbox Cleanup, Empty Deleted Items Folder, and Clean Up Old Items. Select “Mailbox Cleanup”.

mailbox cleanup

Step 3. In Mailbox Cleanup, you will find tools for archiving emails, clearing the deleted items folder, etc.

5Repair Outlook PST/OST Files

You need to follow the above work flawlessly for solving Outlook slow problems. However, if your Outlook PST or OST file is corrupted or damaged, then you need external help. Here, I will introduce the outstanding ScanOutlook that is considered the ultimate Outlook repair tool.

ScanOutlook resolves problems bothering around damaged, broken, or corrupt PST/OST files. It enables you to recover lost emails, and it works on all Windows machines with any version of Outlook. What makes ScanOutlook so recommended? Find out here:


Features of iMyFone ScanOutlook:        

ScanOutlook helps you repair PST and OST files quickly.

Apart from emails, you can use this software to find missing items, such as calendars, attachments, tasks, and notes, etc.

Your emails and personal data is completely safe with this software.

It allows you to preview found Outlook items before recovering them.

If it comes down to exporting recovered items, with ScanOutlook, you can select the specific one you want to export simply by checking the item on the list.

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How to Recover Corrupted Outlook Files with ScanOutlook

Download and install ScanOutlook, and follow the steps below to repair your corrupted Outlook files.

Step 1. Launch ScanOutlook and click on the file types you want the software to repair. You can use one of the three operating modes below:

a. Make use of the default files that ScanOutlook loads automatically.

b. Find it manually by clicking “Browse”.

c. Search for specific file names using the “Search” button.

Step 2. Following the file selection, hit “Repair” and the process will begin. It works in either “Quick Repair” mode, which gives you a fast operation, or the “Deep Repair” mode that scans deeper but takes more time.

start to repair

Step 3. When the scanning is completed successfully, the found Outlook items are displayed on the screen. ScanOutlook lets you preview them before finally saving them.

preview repaired files

Step 4. Finally, select the items you need and hit the “Export Selected” button.

export selected

Final Words

Sometimes, Outlook runs into problems such as the program becoming unbearably slow. Fortunately, this issue is one of those that technicians love receiving because it is quite easy to repair. Here, we have shown you just how to fix the problem when Outlook slows down.

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