Top 5 Fixes to "Hyperlink Not Working in Outlook" Issue

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"2 days ago, I had an email sent via Outlook containing hyperlinks to a webpage. I noticed that the hyperlinks within the mails were only clickable but were not responding to the clicks, so I had the same mail sent to me again and it had similar issues so I sourced for some answers to why “hyperlink not working in Outlook” and then I applied my response. Though this may seem tricky but here are the probable reasons why hyperlink not working in Outlook and the easiest ways on how to fix them."

Hyperlink Not Working in Outlook, How to Fix It?

Fix 1: Reset Browser Settings

A major problem that causes hyperlink not working in Outlook is as a result of web browser settings being tampered with. This can easily be resolved by resetting your browser settings. Here are the procedures.

For Internet Explorer:

1. Start the web browser “Internet Explorer”.

2. Select "Tools" on the tool bar or click ALT + X.

3. Select "Internet Options" and navigate to "Advanced".

internet options

4. Select "Reset". In the pop-up box select “Delete Personal Settings” and click "Reset".

delete personal settings

For Firefox:

1. Insert “firefox -safe-mode” on cmd.

2. There is an option that says “reset all user preference to firefox defaults”, click it.

3. Select “make changes” and restart.

For Chrome

Resetting browser settings does not really work on chrome.

Fix 2: Fix the “html” Registry Key

1. Select and click the start button on Windows 8 and type “regedit”. On windows 7 and XP click on the start button, select run and click on it. On the search box type “regedit”.

2. Select the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

3. Select the subkey “.HTML” in the registry key “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT”.

4. Ensure the value of the String(Default) is “htmlfile”. If not so modify the name to “htmlfile” by right-clicking, entering the name In the value data box followed by selecting “OK”.

5. Close key Registry editor.

Fix 3: Perform System Restore

1. Click start or press Windows button and type in the word “system restore” in the search box and hit Enter.

2. Two options come up in a dialog box, click on either the option “recommended restore” or “choose a different restore point” button depending on your preference. Choosing a different restore point takes your system back to the point where you feel everything was working normal before the change. For these, your system must have a restore point: which is normally created when a software is installed.

restore system files and settings

3. Click Next until restoration begins.

Fix 4: Reset Default Programs

Most times it is just as easy as reassigning the default web browsers.

1. Click on Start or hit the Windows key on your keyboard for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

2. Type in the word “Default programs”.

3. Or click on charms, select settings and click on control panel,  programs and then default programs.

4. Click on “Set Your Default Programs”.

set default programs

5. Select Internet Explorer.

set as default

For Windows 7

1. Click on Start and navigate to default programs and click on it.

2. Click on “set your default programs”.

3. Select internet explorer.

If on your Windows (Windows 8.1, 7, or 10) you have just a single internet browser installed, you can deselect and then reselect all the defaults for the browser followed by saving each change made i.e deselect > save then reselect > save.

Fix 5: Reinstall Chrome or Firefox

Do this only when hyperlink not working in Outlook after Chrome has been deleted while it was used as your default web browser. This is what I mean you should do.

1. Reinstall whichever web browser (Chrome or Firefox) you used as a default.

2. Reassign Chrome or Firefox as your default web browser.

3. Test the new default browser if the hyperlink now work in your Outlook.

4. Once the hyperlink has been confirmed to be working in your Outlook, you can then reassign internet explorer as your default browser.

5. You can then uninstall Chrome or Firefox depending on your need for them.

Note: Make sure Chrome or Firefox is not running before changing the default browser.

How to Repair/Recover Corrupted Files in Outlook?

In case the above-mentioned steps don't work, we recommend a thrid-party tool to repair corrupted Outlook files. One tool you can trust to effectively repair your files is ScanOutlook. It allows you to re-access Outlook data in any scenarios.


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Steps to Repair/Recover Corrupted Files with ScanOutlook

Step 1. Download ScanOutlook on your PC, after launching it, select the files you want to repair.

select pst ost files

Step 2. Click “Repair” once you chose the files to be repaired. You can select "Quick Repair" or "Deep Repair" per as your requirements.

start to repair

Step 3. When the repair process is done, all files will be displayed at the left panel. You can click to preview these repaired files.

repaired files preview

Step 4. Once you are sure and select the files you want, click "Export Selected" to get these files back.

export selected

Bonus: A Special Gift- ScanOutlook Coupon Code

ScanOutlook provides a free trail time followed by purchase if user is satisfied. This comes at a small fee and ScanOutlook also provides a discount coupon code on purchase of a copy of iMyFone ScanOutlook.

How to Apply Discount Coupon Code:

1. Navigate to the iMyFone ScanOutlook purchase page.

2. Select the kind of license you want to purchase and click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

scanoutlook price

3. Check the “checkbox” that says “check to enter coupon code” located beneath your order.

check to enter coupon code

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apply coupon code


Outlook remains one of the most used emails platform worldwide and this article aims to solve one of its major challenges. Following the above-mentioned steps can help in fixing the problem of hyperlink not working in Outlook. To avoid the loss of data in Outlook I would recommend the iMyFone ScanOutlook to fix any errors in Outlook data files.

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By  Alva Doris , to Outlook Repair

Updated on Dec 17, 2019

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