SanDisk Data recovery for Memory Cards and Flash Drives

SanDisk Corporation is the third largest flash memory manufacturing company in the world. It specializes in making flash memory products such as memory cards, memory card readers, USB flash drives, and other solid-state drives. 

SanDisk Micro SD, SDHC, SDXC, and UHS cards are usually reliable and durable in storing data and information but it’s not with a fault. Therefore, just like every other flash memory manufacturing company, SanDisk Micro SD, SDHC, SDXC, and UHS cards can be corrupted with virus and malware, and the data stored therein would get corrupt. Hence, we shall be discussing the ways of SanDisk recovery.

How to Achieve SanDisk Recovery

The following solutions will help you to recover files and data from your SanDisk memory card fast.

#1. Use iMyFone AnyRecover

SanDisk recovery software – AnyRecover is the best way to regain/retrieve your corrupt, lost, deleted, or formatted data, media files, or information stored in SanDisk external device. If you want to recover files from your SanDisk memory card or any other memory card, let AnyRecover Windows data recovery tool help you trace and find the lost files without a glitch. 

AnyRecover is specialized in safe, speedy and superior SanDisk recovery. It has the capacity to recover every type of data on SanDisk memory card or flash drive. Therefore, if you accidentally deleted or formatted your SanDisk flash, or virus attack corrupted your memory card, you can use AnyRecover to regain your files instantly.


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Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:

  • AnyRecover offers you 98% data recovery rate, which is the highest data recovery rate you can get anywhere.

  • AnyRecover is 100% safe, and can never destroy your data when recovering lost ones.

  • You can recover 1000+ files such as videos, audio, messages, documents, and emails, using AnyRecover.

  • AnyRecover offers you a complete recovery package: recover deleted, formatted, or inaccessible files.

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Steps to recover data from SanDisk using AnyRecover:

Step 1. Launch AnyRecover on your PC, and select “External Device Recovery” mode. 

external device recovery

Step 2. Connect your SanDisk memory card or Flash drive to your computer. 

select file type

Step 3. After external device is connected, click “Next” tab and select the disk you want to recover data from. Then, check the file type and click the “Scan” tab.

preview and recover

Step 4. Then, AnyRecover will take some minutes to scan for your lost or deleted files and list them with respect to file type. Preview the files and select the files to recover by clicking the “Recover” tab.

#2. Other Solutions for SanDisk Recovery

We shall be discussing two tips in this section; one will help you repair your SanDisk memory card, and the other will serve as an alternative to iMyFone AnyRecover.

Way 1 Repair SanDisk Memory Card Using CMD Command Line

One of the best ways to save data stored in a virus corrupted SanDisk memory card is to stop using the card first, and then repair the damaged memory card. CDM command line can help you repair your damaged memory card. Follow the detailed guide to repair your memory card:

Step 1. Insert your memory card into a memory card reader, and plug it into your PC.   

Step 2. Go to Windows Search Bar and type in “cmd”. Once you see “cmd.exe” under a list of programs, right-click it. 

CMD Command Line

Step 3. Type in “chkdsk/ x /f card letter:” in the command window to start the repair of your SanDisk memory card.

Way 2 Use AnyRecover Alternative Software – EaseUS

EaseUS file recovery software is another good tool for recovering lost files in memory cards. You can try it to recover lost, damaged, formatted or deleted files. 

Step 1. Connect the corrupt SanDisk memory card to PC, launch EaseUS, select the memory card, and click “Scan”. 

easeus recovery

Step 2. EaseUS will perform a quick scan and later perform a deep scan and list the lost files. You can select the ones you would like to recover and click the “Recover” button.

#3.The Main Reason for SanDisk Memory Card Data Loss

The following list contains the outline of the 7 main reasons why SanDisk memory card gets corrupt.

Physical damage on the memory card, e.g. water.

File system corruption caused by the phone’s operating system.

Accumulation of bad storage space (i.e. bad sector).

Improper insert or removal of memory card.

Virus or malware infection.

Interruptions during the process of formatting SD cards.

Manufacturing defects.

All these factors can cause damage to your SanDisk memory card. However, when the files corrupt, don’t forget to use AnyRecover in retrieving them instantly. 

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By  Taylor Clark , to Hard Drive Recovery

Posted on Sep 29, 2018  ( Updated: Jan 15, 2019 )