Raw Drive/Partition Recovery: All You Need to Know 2020

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Raw recovery can be an unknown term for some users. However, most of us have experienced the situation in which our drives become raw and we are unable to access our precious data. Suppose, you have finished your work and transferred it in the external device but now when you want to access your precious data, the prompt message is displayed by the device that the drive is not accessible or you need to format drive now, etc.

These kinds of messages do not mean that all the data is permanently lost, as most of the people think it is. This data is there but usually, the system that manages the data is gone out of order. So, this data can be recovered by raw recovery software.

1What is Raw?

The Raw drive means that the file system of the partition, which manages the files, has become raw and it cannot be recognized by the operating system. As a result of this, Windows cannot access and mount the partition. Hence, the raw partition reports error messages that one need to format the drive or it is not accessible.

The raw partition is the result of logical data corruption due to various issues. The partition can be regarded as the container of data and the file system is the manager which is responsible for managing the data in the partition. Hence when the manager i.e. files system stops working the partition becomes inaccessible as it does not know where the data is located.

The above explanations make it quite clear that data is there but not being accessed. So, the raw recovery software is used to access and recover the data.

Common Symptoms of Raw Drive Issue

Raw drive issue does not happen more often. However, once it happens, it becomes a crucial problem for users whose data is at stake. The common symptoms that are displayed by a device when raw drive issue is happening are:

You need to format the disk in drive B: before you can use it. Do you want to format it now?

C:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.

The disk is not formatted. The disk in drive D is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?

The disk does not contain the file system.

Location is not available. D:\ is not accessible.

2How to Recover Data from Raw Drive/Partition?

iMyFone AnyRecover is an intelligent Recovery software that can recover data from various partition problems like accidental delete, lost partition, formatted partition, raw partition, a hidden partition, damaged partition, and resized partition. Moreover, the recovery rate is much higher than any other software as it can recover 1000+ types of file due to its advanced system.



Key Features of AnyRecover

  • Capable of retrieving your lost data back from various partition problems.

  • It has different scanning methods to recover the data completely and deeply.

  • It uses a combination of 25 different and advanced analytical technologies to recover your lost partition data.

  • Various files system (exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, etc.) and any file type are supported.

  • It also keeps the data away from being overwritten, 100% safe data recovery process.

  • The speed of recovery is lightning fast that is further complemented by the option to preview data before recovery.

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Steps to Recover Raw Drive/Partition with AnyRecover

Step 1. Launch iMyFone AnyRecover and select Lost Partition Recovery mode.

lost partition recovery

Step 2. Now select the partition from the displayed partitions and hit the Next button. If the required partition is not shown then press Overall Scan Your Partition.

select partition

Step 3. Select the file type you want to recover and hit the Scan button.

select file type

Step 4. The software will scan and show you a complete list of recovered files. Select the files you want and click the Recover button to choose a target partition to save the recovered files. If all is done then good else go forward.

preview files

Step 5. Go to the home interface and select All-Round Recovery. AnyRecover will do a complete deep scan and show you the lost partition. Choose the partition and click Next to scan.

all round location

Step 6. After scanning, preview the required files and click Recover button to choose the target partition to save the recovered files.

all round scan

3Possible Reasons for Hard Drive to Become Raw

The hard drive has various sections. These sections are called partitions. When you partition a hard drive, you select the file system of that particular partition. However, during the process of utilizing the hard drive, partitions can become raw due to the failure of that file system which is being used.

The first reason can be the damage in the partition table. The partition table record the size, type and location and other necessary information of every partition and Operating System required this table essentially to access.

The second reason can be the virus attack on the partitions of the hard drive. The virus attacks can cause severe damage to partitions.

The third reason can be the attack of ransomware malicious programs that are often inflicted by third party software or invasion by technological means.

The fourth reason can be the structural damage to the file system of the partition. One has to use professional tools like WINHEX to determine the damage in this way.

The fifth reason can be the bad sectors in the hard drive. One can mirror the hard drive to determine the extent of damage in this way.


In conclusion, the hard drives and other storage devices can become raw at any point of time due to various reasons like a virus, bad sectors, structural damages, etc. However, one should not lose hope that all the data has been lost. Most of the time, the data remains there but becomes inaccessible. So, one should choose raw recovery software like iMyFone AnyRecover to recover data calmly instead of panicking.

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