Hard Drive Repair Software: Repair HDD & Get Data Back

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Sometimes hard drives tend to fail and in that case you need a reliable hard drive repair software. It’s important to note that once you learn how to repair hard drive errors, you really get to eliminate problems and that alone will make things better.  There are actually multiple reasons behind a hard drive failure. Since the HDD is made out of moving parts, most of the time mechanical damage can be the culprit behind any disk failures. It’s either that, or it can very well be a manufacturing defect. Electronic failure or overheating can also be very problematic.

How to Repair Hard Disk Drive Errors

1Reinstall your HDD Driver

Before you rely on external hard drive repair software, a good idea is to try and reinstall the hard drive’s driver. More often than not these errors come from the driver. That’s especially true if you are using an external driver. One thing to note here is that the process is quite simple and convenient to do.

  • 1. Use the Device Manager tool.

  • 2. Find the Disk Drives.

  • hard drive repair disk drives

  • 3. After you see the disk drive list, right click on the one that has errors. Then press Uninstall Device.

  • hard drive repair uninstall device

  • 4. Now you want to restart the computer and then you can connect the hard drive. Windows will automatically install the drivers.

2Use The CHKDSK Utility to Repair Hard Disk Drive Errors

The CHKDSK Utility can also be a good hard drive repair software too. While some people might find it a bit too complicated, CHKDSK is actually quite easy to understand and use, and overall it’s super dependable and interesting.  Here’s how you can use it.

  • 1. Press the Start button in Windows, type CMD and right click to Run as Administrator.

  • 2. In the window that appears you want to type “CHKDSK X: /f /r” – You can replace X with the drive letter that you want repaired. Then all you have to do at this point is to hit Enter and wait for the results. The parameters used above will either make the app locate bad sectors or fix any errors that arise.

  • hard drive repair CHKDSK utility

  • 3. Wait for the hard drive repair to be completed, then you can type exit to close the window.

In case the first method doesn’t work all the time, this one will usually do the trick. It’s important to create a backup for your important files before you attempt to use any hard drive repair software or tools like this, just to be safe.

3Using SFC Scannow to Eliminate Hard Disk Drive Errors

SFC Scannow is a very popular option for the SFC command. You will also need to open a command prompt window as you did above.

  • 1. Once you are in Command Promp, type “sfc /scannow” and then press enter.

  • 2. In case you have a portable drive, then you will need to type “SFC /SCANNOW /OFFBOOTDIR=c:\ /OFFWINDIR=c:\windows” – C is the letter of the target drive, so replace it with the drive letter you need here.

After the scan is ready to go, you just have to restart the system and you will be fine. It’s a good alternative to repair hard drive software, although this might not always work the way you intended.

How to Get Data off a Hard Drive?

In case you have significant issues and the other options presented above are not going to help you that much, then you need a reliable and powerful hard drive repair software. AnyRecover is a great solution that helps you figure out how to repair hard drive errors fast.


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Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:        

It can be great if your files are gone after accidental deletion, formatted hard drive, unexpected power off, partition loss or anything similar to that.

It supports drives like SSD, SHDD, HDD and VHD as well as internal drives for Windows and Mac.

The Supported operating systems include Mac OS X 10.6 or later and Windows 7 or later.

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How to Recover Data From Your Hard Drive with Software?

Download and install the software on your computer then the following:

Step 1. Start by downloading the AnyRecover tool and then installing it. Upon starting the app, pick the desired recovery mode that suits your needs.

external device recovery

Step 2. Connect the external device and then click "Next".

connect to computer

Step 3. Choose the file type that you need to recover, then you have to press “Scan”.

select external file type

Step 4. Once the scan is completed, you will have a list of files that you can recover. It’s important to just click the file and then press the Recover button. Based on how many files you choose to recover, the recovery process might take a little bit of time.

preview and recover

As you can see, using a hard drive repair software like AnyRecover might be the best solution when something like this happens. We recommend you to take your time when things like this appear, and instead focus on picking the right hard drive repair software just to be safe. Ideally you want to use this solution right away and not really try any of the other ones above, but you can feel free to do is if needed.


One thing is certain, even if you have errors on your hard drive, there are ways to fix them. Windows already has some great tools embedded in it, but if those don’t work, the AnyRecover hard drive repair software should be able to get the job done for you quickly and with great efficiency. All you need is the right amount of patience, follow the instructions above and the hard disk repair software will help you get your lost files back!

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By  Simon Marcus , to Hard Drive Recovery

Updated on Dec 02, 2020

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