Navigating Around Hard Drive Failure: Recovery, Causes, Signs

Just recently loaded up your computer, only to find that your files are inaccessible and there's this strange grinding and clicking noise coming from the computer itself? This is a hard drive failure and if not promptly dealt with, will cause you to lose all of your stored data. Read on to find out what causes hard drives to fail, what software you can use for hard drive failure recovery, and what signs to look out for.

1What Caused Hard Drive Failure?

Here are six very common reasons for hard drives to fail.

  • It failed due to a manufacturer's fault. This happens a lot when you purchase hard drives that come without testing.

  • It overheated. When you continuously use a computer that has faulty ventilation, you can cause your hard drive to overheat because it is constantly spinning and generating heat.

  • There was an unexpected power failure. This can cause serious damage if your computer is turned off abruptly.

  • There was a mechanical failure. Internal errors lead to mechanical errors such as bad sectors, a damaged control board, and a spindle motor not working right.

  • You have corrupt data. This is often the case if you have a virus infection on your computer. It'll make files invalid or inaccessible and cause your operating system to fail to boot.

  • There was a human error. Modifying the system registry settings, modifying system file attributes, installing the operating system the wrong way, and formatting a hard disk drive wrong can cause a failure.

2Best Hard Drive Failure Recovery Software

AnyRecover is a data recovery program offered by iMyFone which can help individuals recover lost, deleted, and corrupted files. Programmed with the latest & advanced data recovery algorithm, it is really powerful and effective for hard drive failure recovery.


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AnyRecover Hard Drive Failure Recovery

  • The ability to recover over 1,000 different file types including images, emails, documents, audio, video, etc.

  • Any files recovered will never overwrite current files, giving you 100% protection.

  • You can recover files from any storage mediums such as SSDs, USBs, memory cards, music players, flash drives, and even camcorders.

  • Hard drive failure, broken partition, system crashes, deleted files? AnyRecover covers all lost file scenarios.

  • The highest recoverability rate available. Free trial version available. 30-day money back guarantee.

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Steps for Hard Drive Failure Recovery

Here is how you go about recovering files with AnyRecover.

Step 1. Launch the program and select the All-Round Recovery mode.


Step 2. Make sure that all hard drives are recognized by AnyRecover and connected correctly. Then choose the relevant hard drive that has failed and click the Next button.

all round location

Step 3. Select the file type or types that you would like to recover and hit the Scan button.

all round file type

Step 4. Watch as a compiled list will populate the screen. After scanning is done, you can preview the lost files from the hard drive. Select which ones you want to recover and click the Recover button to begin the process.

all round recover

3What Are The Signs of Hard Drive Failure?

Hard drive failure is either going to be for a physical reason or a logical reason. A physical failure will be because the components have become damaged or have stopped working. With a logical reason, it means that the hard drive has failed to function normally which has caused damage to the hard drive's file structure and software.

  • If your computer crashes or freezes frequently.

  • Files that fail to open despite being saved properly or files that have disappeared without a trace.

  • If it takes a long time to access your files or folders.

  • If there is an accumulation of bad sectors on your disk.

  • If you start noticing strange sounds like grinding and clicking.

  • A lot of hard drives come with S.M.A.R.T status which stands for self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology. If the status of this is not okay, then this is another sign.

If you have noticed any of the above signs, it is best to back up your data information immediately and replace your hard drive disk.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to hard drive failure, these can be a complete disaster and cause quite the panic if you are unaware of what signs to look out for and do not have proper data recovery software. To secure any data that has been lost during a hard drive failure, choose AnyRecover Hard Drive Recovery, which allows you to retrieve over a 1,000 different file types across a large number of devices and mediums with a 100% file protection. With the highest recoverability rate on the market, there's no need to fret over lost data.

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