Top 3 Dell Backup Solutions - Never Worry about Data Loss

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It's the stuff of nightmares. Maybe you are putting together your last draft of a college assignment, or perhaps a business report, when all of a sudden your Dell computer crashes. You lose all your documents and need to start again from scratch. Well, the stress and heartache of that situation could be easily avoided - all you need to do is ensure your work is properly backed up. If you are unsure how to go about this, look no further. We've got you covered. Here are our three recommended Dell backup solutions:

1. iMyFone AnyRecover

AnyRecover is an independent data recovery service which is usable with Windows and Mac. It can be used to recover individual files, or an entire hard drive. It is completely secure and easy to use. All it requires is that you visit the website and follow the simple step by step process. User reviews highlight the straightforward interface and timesaving capabilities of this particular service. You can also take advantage of a free trial, as well as a money back guarantee.


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Key Features of AnyRecover:

Whether it's a laptop, a desktop, USB drive, mobile phone, digital camera, or any other rewritable storage media, AnyRecover can backup or recover data from it.

With regard to the overall recovery rate, AnyRecover can securely restore 98% of all files, ranging from photos to audio files, emails, archives and pretty much everything in between.

Whether you have experienced a system crash or suffered a virus attack on your Dell device, inadvertently emptied your recycle bin or simply deleted files by accident, you will now be able to recover them.

AnyRecover guarantees that all data recovered will be 100% secure, with no risk of overwriting.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1: Open up AnyRecover, and you will then be prompted to choose the location where you lost your data.

select location

Step 2: After selecting a location from the main screen, click on "Start" button. The program will then begin a comprehensive scan of the file destination.

start scan

Step 3: Once done, all files will be listed out by file type. You can then preview the scanned files and select "Recover".

scanned files preview

Then all your data will be successfully retrieved. It's as simple as that!

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2. Dell EMC Cloud Protection

Dell EMC Cloud Protection is a service especially designed for Dell products whereby data is backed up securely within the "cloud" - that is to say, it is stored online rather than in the hard drive of one single device. This is a great way to back up your files, as it means you do not need to rely on your computer or hard drive for data storage. It is, therefore, a useful means of freeing up storage space within your device, as well as removing the risk of data loss. There are multiple facets of this cloud protection, ranging from Public Cloud Protection to Hybrid Cloud Protection.

Public Cloud Protection offers data protection, management and mobility, enabling you to ensure your data is maintained in an efficient, sustainable manner throughout the cloud infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Long-term Retention enables you to be rest assured that infrequently accessed data is securely maintained via cloud object storage, thus freeing up space on your device.

Cloud Disaster Recovery is there for those moments where your work is most at risk; in case of a virus attack for instance. This guarantees that your work will be securely recovered via the cloud, ready for use on the device of your choice.

Lastly, Hybrid Cloud Protection offers coverage which is flexible and adaptable to suit your needs, guaranteeing that you will be able to access any and all files to suit you.

3. Dell Backup and Recover

For Dell users, Dell Backup and Recovery is a very useful application to protect against all kinds of data loss. It is designed to ensure all of your digital files and data are protected.

The most common forms of protection that Dell Backup and Recovery offers are:

Virus Attacks – Perhaps from harmful URLs and Downloads.

File Deletion that was done by accident.

Corruption of Software and Dell Operating Systems.

Failure of your Device’s Hardware.

This recovery tool is available as a Basic or a Premium package.

Dell Backup and Recovery Basic

Recommended for older model laptops & PCs, Dell Backup and Recovery Basic is a tool automatically preloaded onto any Dell device that was bought before the 14th April 2016 and has either not been upgraded to Windows 10, or isn’t Windows 10 Compatible. It only works for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users.

dell backup and recovery basic

Features include:

Manual Data backup and restoration.

Ability to “factory reset” your device.

Add or Remove “rescue disks” to protect your most important files.

Users of the basic application can easily backup files, you can either select to recover all files, or simply tick the file locations you wish to recover from. You will be able to choose where to place the recovered files e.g. removable hard drive or a USB stick. You can manually back up files whenever you like, however, any files created cannot be automatically backed up while using Dell Backup and Recovery Basic.

As this tool comes preinstalled on your Dell device, it is completely free, it is very simple to use and can recover and backup files with just a couple of clicks.

Dell Backup and Recovery: Premium

For more recent devices, the premium version offers flexibility in data recovery, with an array of tools available within the application. Users can rely on Dell Backup and Recovery Premium to back up their whole system.

dell backup and recovery premium

Other Features include:

Continuously automated file creation and backup.

Archiving of backup history, to ensure a copy of your lost data is kept on your device.

Ability to restore files based on file type rather than scanning a full location.

If you are looking for a reliable tool to continuously back up your device’s files, and maximise full protection of personal data, Dell Backup and Recovery is a fantastic tool to use. Dell’s prices are generally very hard to find, the Premium version doesn’t have a listed price on Dell’s website, however, users can upgrade to the premium version for a reported $39.99 (One-time purchase).


Depending on whether you’re looking for consistency in file recovery, or just a simple tool to recover your files, both Dell’s software, as well as iMyFone AnyRecover, both offer great applications for your device. Both retail at around $40 and there isn’t really much that separates them apart from the brand and how modern they are.

Dell’s EMC Cloud Backup solution, as well as their Backup and recovery applications, are in the process of phasing out, so future users are not being able to buy the software anymore, hence, iMyFone AnyRecover, launched just 2 years ago, can be seen as a better long-term, reliable data backup and recovery tool.

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By  Alva Doris , to Hard Drive Recovery

Updated on May 28, 2020

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