Top 5 Solutions to Roblox Error Code 103

2022-01-11 16:33:52
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Roblox is simply an online gaming platform that allows gaming enthusiasts to access a variety of games and at the same time enables developers to create and build games for others.

It might be frustrating at times when you can't join any Roblox games using your console probably due to error codes 6, 106, 110, 116, 279, 529, 610 among others. However, we are going to focus on error code 103 today. To be specific it is always a message that reads, "The Roblox game you are trying to join is currently not available (Error Code: 103)".

Part 1. Roblox Error Code 103: What Causes It

Roblox XBOX Error Code 103 is unique to Xbox one users and it often appears when a person is trying to join any game on Roblox. Unfortunately, there is no single reason behind the Roblox Error Code 103.

However, it mainly occurs when the content of the game is not deemed suitable for younger players. This is why the error code is commonly referred to as an "age restriction error". Below, are 5 reasons behind the Roblox Error Code 103.

  • Issues related to the date oaf birth: Xbox One has an extra privacy policy when it comes to children's accounts. Furthermore, Microsoft is always cautious when it comes to protecting children against inappropriate material or content online. For instance, if you are using an account on your PC created with a DOB under 13, then you might be limited from accessing the user-created world.

  • Disabled "Content from other users": Well, this will not come as a surprise especially when you are using a child's account below 13 years. There is a great chance that the "Content from other people" is blocked from your account.

  • Issues related to NAT: This issue arises when the router or ports used by Roblox are not being channeled correctly.

  • Firmware glitch: This occurs when some Xbox files are being temporarily used by Operating System.

  • Poor game installation: This is a problem that occurs when the game installs incorrectly.

roblox error code 103

So, with all these in mind, I bet you are wondering if there is anything that can be done to fix Error Code 103. Well, I am happy to inform you that a couple of fixes have been found effective. Let's run through them now.

Part 2. Practical Methods to Fix Roblox Error Code 103

Fix 1. Adjusting the Date of Birth

There is no other way of solving the date of a birth issue other than creating a new account with a much higher DOB, preferably above 18 years. To create a new account;

  • Go to the Roblox account creation page.

  • Click "Sign Up" usually located on the top right corner.

  • Fill in all the necessary information, but make sure your date of birth is above 18.

  • Press enter to "Sign Up".

  • Now you can use the new account on your Xbox.

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Fix 2. Enabling "Content from other users"

Changing the privacy setting is the solution here. Use the following quick steps to fix the problem.

  • Go to my apps and games.

  • my apps and games
  • Then go to the setting menu on Xbox one.

  • Locate the Family in the setting menu.

  • To access the Child account settings, select Child account.

  • Under privacy settings, go to Custom.

  • Enable the "See content other people make" option.

  • see content other people make
  • Sign out and then sign in to your Child and see whether Roblox Error Code 103 has been fixed.

Fix 3. Changing Router Settings (Turning on UPnP)

Since Roblox is a multiplayer-based game, it heavily relies on NAT to work properly. If all the other fixes have failed to work, then you should consider checking if the ports used by Roblox are working properly. You need to consider the following quick steps;

  • Open the page to your Wifi router page. Now log in.

  • To find the UPnP (NAT forwarding), go to your router settings.

  • Enable it to fix this problem. Also, you can manually forward the ports to fix the Error code.

turning on upnp

Fix 4. Restart / Performing a Hard Reset

It is important to understand that firmware glitches are a result of updates that are automatically distributed after the game is launched. I would suggest signing out and signing in. If the problem persists, then you will have to take the long shot and restart your xBox. Use the following steps;

  • Sign out from Roblox. Close the game and any other application that might be running on your device.

  • Press and hold the Xbox button in the centre of your Xbox controller to open the Power Centre.

  • On the pop-up menu, choose restart.

restart xbox from controller

Fix 5. Lastly, Reinstall Roblox

As much as this might seem counter-intuitive, this process often fixes problems associated with corrupted files from the previous installation process. The essence of the process is to overwrite the copy of the program that was initially installed on your xBox and replace any broken or deleted files.

see content other people make


Roblox Error Code 103 is unique to Xbox one, whether you are playing the game on the Xbox console or while running it on Windows. Here's is all the information about fixing the error code 103 on Roblox. I hope that the article was helpful to you!

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