2020 Full Guide: How to Recover Data after a Quick Format

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There are many ways to format your system. However, there are times you might lose important data in the quick format process. This is why you need to know quick format recovery solution. There is no need trying to find out where to learn about such as this post will be revealing how it is done.

1How to Recover Data after a Quick Format

1iMyFone AnyRecover

Losing data after quick formatting can be very frustrating especially when such data is vital which is why you will need a powerful data recovery tool like AnyRecover. It means that your data will always be safe and can be used once again through the use of this tool.

There are lots of benefits that the use of AnyRecover can offer you which most data recovery tools on the internet can’t give you. These have made it to be very popular amongst users in recent times. Some of them are:


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Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:        

Any form of data loss can be recovered like loss of data due to formatted drive, virus attack, system crash, lost partition, accidental deletion and more.

It offers users the chance of recovering lost data from any kind of device like Digital Camcorder, Cameras, Smartphones, USB flash drives, SD cards and more.

Over 1000 different types of files can be recovered like photo files, document files, video files and audio files.

Your data will be quickly and safely recovered in its original form.

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How to Use AnyRecover

Below is how you can make use of AnyRecover to get back lost data.

Step 1. After launching AnyRecover tool, choose the mode which says “Formatted Disk Recovery”.

formatted disk recovery

Step 2. Choose the location on which such data is missing like hard drive, smartphone, SD card or others. After that click on “Next” to proceed.

select the location

Step 3. Choose the type of files that you want to recover like images, documents, audio, or videos. After that click on “Scan” for the process to commence.

select file type

Step 4. Once the process of scanning is complete, all the lost data will be listed by AnyRecover. Just preview them before hitting “Recover”.

formatted disk scan

preview and recover

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2Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

Using Stellar Windows Data Recovery tool, lost files can be easily recovered. Any data which you’ve lost in the process of carrying out a quick format in your hard drive can be recovered using this software. The best part about this tool is its DIY nature meaning that anyone can easily make use of it without any issues being experienced.

Steps to Use Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Just as mentioned above, this is an easy to use tool which makes the process of data recovery in situations like formatted, corrupted or deleted files possible. Below are steps to use it:

Step 1: Get Stellar Windows Data Recovery tool downloaded and installed on your system.

Step 2: After running the tool, click on "Data Recovery" module.

Step 3: Get the formatted drive chosen.

Step 4: Commence the scanning process. This software is going to start searching for your drive. It comes with a deep scan feature which you can make use of.

Step 5: After the scan is complete, you can preview the files which have been found before hitting the “Recover” button.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery tool has its strengths and shortcomings which you will need to be aware of. These will be listed below.


    It is use-friendly.

    Files can be easily and safely recovered.

    Data confidentiality is assured.

    Both logical failure and physical failure are well-addressed.


    There are times when data recovery may take time to complete. This depends on the device and size of files.

2Why It Is Possible to Recover Data from Formatted Disk

You may be wondering why it is possible to recover data after a quick format has been carried out on your hard drive. Some of the reasons are:

Data isn't overwritten.

The file system is only rebuilt.

The memory location is where it is available.

This form of formatting can only get data entries removed.

3What’s the Difference between Quick Format and Full Format?

What is quick format?

A quick format is a method of formatting your partitions very fast. This method is only made use of once your hard disk isn’t damaged. It is a method that is used in formatting your hard drive which doesn’t require too much time to be spent. Note that although this form of format is quick, it isn’t thorough.

What is full format?

A full format is a process through which data in your hard drive will not only be erased as the bad sectors will be checked for any error. It is less popular amongst system users due to how long it can take to be completed.

Differences between Quick Format and Full Format

There are lots of differences between full format and quick format. Some of these will be listed below:

During quick formats, bad sectors aren’t checked for in the hard drive while in full format, they are checked for.

Quick formats are quicker than full formats.

Quick formats are only effective when your hard drive hasn’t been damaged while full formats are effective whether the drive is damaged or not.


Based on the above details about quick format, it is obvious that this is one process which can help you clear your hard drive. Although you have to make a decision given that it has got some shortcomings which will need to be taken note of. However, once your files are lost, you can make use of iMyFone AnyRecover as explained.

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By  Alva Doris , to External Device Recovery

Updated on Dec 16, 2019

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