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When I am busy, I allow my son to play a game he likes on my phone. Yesterday, it appears he did not just focus on playing the game. He erased my data too! This morning when I picked up the phone to check some work documents I had stored on my SD card, I realized that the SD card has no data in it. I am very concerned that I have lost all of the data on my 32 GB SanDisk MicroSD card. Does anyone know how I can recover the data? - Mary, Quora

Being stuck in Mary’s situation is both stressing and frustrating. However, knowing that it is possible to perform a Micro SD recovery can eliminate stress and frustration. This article will focus on showing you how to perform a Micro SD card recovery. Read on to know the best Micro SD card recovery software you can use.

1 Best Micro SD Card Recovery Software – AnyRecover

After losing your data, you wouldn’t want to deal with a data recovery tool that is complicated to use. You are already upset; a complicated tool would only add to your frustration.  AnyRecover is the right one for you. Only within a few minutes, it will have recovered over 98% of the data you lost on the SD card.


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Distinguishing features of AnyRecover
  • More than 1000 file formats are supported by AnyRecover. Namely, it helps you recover all kinds of file formats including photos, videos, music etc.

  • You can recover your data from all brands of SDHC cards using AnyRecover.

  • The tool can recover data lost in a wide range of situations which include power outage, accidental deletion, formatting, etc.

  • AnyRecover has a free trial version. This lets you test it before you pay for it.

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How to Recover Lost Photos and Videos from Micro SD Card Using AnyRecover:

Step 1: Open AnyRecover after install it and select the “External Device Recovery” mode. Connect your Micro SD card to the computer.

anyrecover screenshot

Step 2: Select the Micro SD you just connected to the computer. Tap "Next".

anyrecover screenshot

Step 3: Choose the file types you are willing to recover. Select Photo and Video if you want to recover these file types only. Click "Scan: after selecting the file types.

anyrecover screenshot

Step 4: AnyRecover will scan the Micro SD card and locate the lost pictures and videos. You can preview the selected files in advance. To get the selected files back, click "Recover".

anyrecover screenshot

anyrecover screenshot

Note: To avoid overwriting the lost data, stop using your Micro SD card after realizing you have lost your data.

2 Micro SD Card Recovery Tips

To increase the chances of recovering all your data, you need to take note of the tips we have outlined below:

Stop using the Micro SD card after realizing you have lost your data. By “Stop Using” we mean that you need to avoid accessing data, editing files, or even viewing the files and folders you have stored on the SD card. This is to ensure that the lost data is not overwritten. If the lost data gets overwritten, recovering it may be impossible.

Use AnyRecover to recover your lost data as soon as possible.

Avoid formatting or reformatting your Micro Sd card. This will result in data loss by overwritten that the recovery software will need in order to recover your lost data.

If you have lost the data you had on your Micro SD card, you do not have to worry. You can easily recover the data using AnyRecover. The Micro SD card recovery tool is extremely easy to use. Also, it recovers your lost data very quickly. AnyRecover will help you recover data lost via deletion, formatting, virus attack, etc. The tool supports to recover in numerous ways. Try it for free now!  
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By  James Crawford , to External Device Recovery

Posted on Dec 21, 2018  ( Updated: Dec 16, 2019 )

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