Solved: How to Format an SD Card for GoPro without Data Loss

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Users of GoPro camera devices are really having the ultimate experience. This is due to the features that this camera comes with. However, they always have a common problem which is not being able to format their SD cards. If you're one of those people, this post will be helping you out. It will be revealing details on how to format SD card for GoPro. You will definitely be capable to store more files using your GoPro SD card after reading this post.

Part 1: How Do I Format SD Card for the GoPro?

1The Easiest Way to Format an SD Card for the GoPro

Step 1. Remove such SD card from the camera device and get it inserted into your PC. You can do this through a card reader or USB cable.

Step 2. The SD card will show in your PC after which you will then get it right clicked on. Choose the option which says Format. Get the action confirmed and you are through as the card will be formatted.

2Format an SD Card for GoPro Manually

GoPro Hero5 Black

Step 1. Get the SD card inserted into GoPro Hero5 Black after which you will get it turned on.

Step 2. After opening the menu on its back screen using the side button, head over to Preferences.

Step 3. Now scroll down in order to select the option which says Format SD Card. Get it tapped on and choose Delete.

GoPro Hero5 Session/Hero4 Session/Hero Session

It is important you note that formatting an SD card directly via your camera isn’t possible. For SD card to be formatted, its official capture app will have to be installed on your mobile device (phone).

Step 1. Through the capture app, GoPro camera should be connected with WiFi.

Step 2. Head over to Settings and scroll down to choose the option which says Delete All Files from SD Card. Get it selected.

3Format SD Card Using GoPro Mobile App

It is also possible for your SD card to be formatted through the use of GoPro mobile app. Follow the steps below for this to happen.

Step 1. Get the SD card inserted into your camera.

Step 2. Get the camera connected to mobile app using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Locate Settings inside the GoPro app.

Step 4. Locate the Delete section by scrolling down.

Step 5. Choose the option which says Delete All Files from SD Card.

delete all files from sd card

confirm delete

Part 2: How to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card on GoPro

In the process of trying to find out how to format SD card for GoPro, there is every chance that you will delete important files. This means you stand the risk of not getting such files back again. There is no need to panic since a tool such as AnyRecover will help you get back your lost files easily.

AnyRecover is one of the most effective file recovery tools that you will come across in the internet. This is due to its great features which make file recovery a walk in the park. Some of these features will be listed below:


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Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:        

Any type of file can be recovered like photo, video, audio, document files and others.

It has been developed for both Windows and Mac users.

It can recover over 98% of your lost files in a safe way.

Files lost in any kind of scenario can be easily recovered like crashed drive, formatted SD card, virus attack, lost partition, emptied recycle bin and more.

It has been built for any type of device (both internal and external) like cameras, camcorders, flash drives, memory cards, mobile phones, Personal Computers and others.

Fast and safe file recovery process.

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Steps to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card on GoPro

Below are steps to make effective use of AnyRecover in order to recover your lost files.

Step 1. AnyRecover should be launched. After that, locate the mode which says External Device Recovery and get it selected.

external device recovery

Step 2. Now connect your GoPro SD card and choose the option which says digital camera. In case you are using another external device like USB flash drive, memory card, ensure to choose such. After that, click on Next.

connect to computer

Step 3. Choose the file type that you would like to recover from such external device. It could be audio, music, photos, or other file types. After that, Scan should be clicked on.

select external file type

Step 4. Once the scanning process is complete, files that have been found will be displayed. You can get them previewed before clicking on Recover.

preview and recover


Having seen the above, it is obvious that with the right knowledge you can easily solve any problem on how to format SD card for GoPro. Just follow the steps that have been explained above and you will see how easy the process can be. Even when you want to recover such files after the formatting, make use of iMyFone AnyRecover.

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