Top 3 Formatting Recovery Software You Should Never Miss

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Data is one of the biggest assets for any company or professionals. It is the asset that is raised after putting extensive financial, effort and time resources. One cannot simply arrange new data if the data is lost due to any reason. The reason is that either it is simply impossible to collect the same data in a given time or it can be exponentially expensive to collect it again. Hence, formatting recovery software comes in this scenario as a live saver as it can bring back the formatted data which was highly crucial for the survival and success of companies and professionals. Let's evaluate the top 3 of the year.

1Top 3 Formatting Recovery Software 2019

1iMyFone AnyRecover

iMyFone AnyRecover is one of the best out there in the market. It is easy to install and use. A person with nominal expertise can use it easily. Moreover, the recovery rate of iMyFone AnyRecover is very good as it can recover more files due to its deep scanning technology. The program has countless features and facilities when it comes to recovering the data.



Key Features of AnyRecover

  • It can recover data in any scenario like formatted devices/drives, accidentally deleted files, operating system crashes, recycle bin is emptied, etc.

  • It can recover data from any PCs or storage device.

  • It can recover any lost/deleted/formatted or corrupted data in over 1000 file types with 100% safety.

  • It allows you to preview lost files before recovery.

  • Its deep scan feature enables you to retrieve inaccessible data without limitation.

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Steps to Recover Data from Formatted Disk

Step 1. Choose Recovery Mode

The first step to recover lost data from any storage device is to open AnyRecover and choose the “Formatted Disk Recovery” mode.

formatted disk recovery

Step 2. Choose the Location to Search

After step 1, one will be shown the drives and locations. Simply choose the location where data is missing and hit the “Next” button.

formatted disk location

Step 3. Choose the File Type

Now, choose the file type of the missing data and hit “Scan”.

select file type formatted disk

Step 4. Scan or All-Around Recovery

Your data will be shown now if not, use the “All-round Recovery” option to ensure recovery.

formatted disk recovery scan

Step 5. Recover the Lost Data

Now select the files and data from displayed data which you want to recover and hit “Recover” button.

formatted disk recover complete

Congratulations it is done!

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2ibeesoft Format Recovery Software

IBeesoft is an alternative use in case of recovery of formatted data. It has various features that make it another best choice among the format recovery software. It can easily recover data in scenarios like accidentally deleted files, access denied, formatted drives, damaged or crashed drives, media error, and virus attacks. Furthermore, It is simple to use and everything can be done in three steps.

Although, iBeesoft is a good formatting software yet it has some drawbacks.


The supported file types of recovery are limited and in some cases, only 20 file types are supported.

The scenarios in which it can recover data are also less compared to other available options.

It does not do a deep scan to dig out the exact required files.

3iCare Format Recovery Software

iCare Format Recovery Software is a free software that can recover accidentally deleted, formatted or lost files from storage devices. Although it supports limited file types that it can recover yet it can be a great help.


The interface of iCare Format recovery software is easy to use and comprehend.

It can handle various types of data loss scenarios as it has basic as well as advanced recovery modules.

The scanning process is rather quick and a basic scanning can be done within ten minutes.


It is unable to recover everything by the first scan and it is recommended to try every mode of recovery option to recover the maximum amount of data files.

The file types for the recoverable files are limited.

2Comparison of Formatting Recovery Software

Scanning Mode

The scanning mode of the iMyFone AnyRecover is pretty good as it runs a deep scan to dig out all the required files with more then 1000 types supported. Contrary to that scanning via ibeesoft and iCare is easy but the types of files supported are limited.


The functionality of iMyFone AnyRecover is simple and detailed. The files can be recovered in five easy steps. Contrary to that file thorough ibeesoft and iCare can be recovered in three steps but one has to run different modes and options to scan again and again to get required data.


All three software have various packages according to time intervals and facilities. However, the comparison of prices and facilities reveals that iMyFone AnyRecover is the best option among all because of pricing.

Supported OS

The formatting recovery software which can support multiple operating systems can surely be the winner among all the formatting recovery software. Hence, iMyFone AnyRecover is surely better among all three available choices as it supports multiple types of operating systems (both Windows and Mac) with better files types of recovery options.

3Bonus: A Special Gift for You

iMyFone AnyRecover is the best of all. It now comes with a bonus special gift of a 20% discount. Your 20% Off Coupon Code is “ANY-ART-D20” and here is how to use it.

Step 1: Copy the code "ANY-ART-D20".

Step 2: Head over to AnyRecover official purchase page (for Win or for Mac) and choose any of the licenses that will be ideal for you before clicking on the "Add to Cart" button.

anyrecover license selection

Step 3: Locate "Check to enter coupon code" and get it clicked. It is usually beneath the bottom left of the page.

check to enter coupon code

Step 4: The coupon code which you have copied in step 1 should be pasted in the box. After that, click on "Apply" and wait until the page refreshes. Congratulations! You just saved 20% of the actual price.

20% off on anyrecover


The conclusion of everything is that, although, all three forming recovery software are good and do their job somehow. Still, iMyFone AnyRecover can be a clear choice among all due to its deep scanning, diversified facilities, powerful performance, and the right pricing. Moreover, the discounts of iMyFone AnyRecover gives you saving while choosing the right option.

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By  Alva Doris , to External Device Recovery

Updated on Dec 16, 2019

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