Top Five Data Recovery Tools for Flash Drive Recovery

Everyone loses vital personal data stored in external storage drives occasionally. Varying reasons often trigger them: It could be a software bug or virus attack which corrupts the flash drives. Therefore, they become unreadable and data stored-partially useless. At this point, a data recovery software comes to the rescue for flash drive recovery.

So, if your external drive or hard disk is corrupted or attacked by bugs making it hard to retrieve or access your data, recovery tools were designed as an immediate solution. 

This piece provides a list of top-five data recovery software for flash drive recovery in 2018, either free or paid depending on the severity of the situation. These data recovery tools would prevent the uncertainties after accidental deletion even if there were no backups.

No 1. AnyRecover

Top on the list is AnyRecover which offers more compared to its contemporaries. It recovers and restores files from multiple devices through its-All-Round Recovery feature. Based on our criteria for ranking: it retrieves data from USBs, formatted hard drives, and other data storage devices even damaged storages.

It is notable for restoring data in 6 recovery modes and reordering files automatically to their prior locations. Also it is the best choice for flash drive recovery and other storage data recovery.


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Some of the features that bring AnyRecover on top of the list are:

  • Simplified file recovery process with advanced three level scan mode.

  • Ability to recover files from damaged or newly formatted data 100% data security.

  • Free trail/Inexpensive data recovery software and offer preview screen before final recovery.

  • Support more than 1000 files types and most of the storage media.

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How to use AnyRecover for flash drive recovery:

Step  1: Download AnyRecover  on your computer and launch it. Select External  Device Recovery mode.

flash drive recovery

Step 2: Connect your flash drive to your computer and then click "Next".

flash drive recovery

Step 3: Select the file type you would like to recover and click "Scan".

flash drive recovery

Step 4: Now AnyRecover will show you all the lost files. You can preview and click "Recover" when you're ready.

flash drive recovery

No 2. Wondershare Recoverit

Second on the list is Wondershare Recoverit recovery tool. Wondershare specializes in Docs, Photo, Video, Music and Archive Recovery. It recovers lost data from SD Card, Memory Stick, PC/MAC, Hard Drive, Camera, USB Drive, Recycle Bin, etc. So it would be good for flash drive recovery. It also supports over six different devices.

flash drive recovery


  • - Fast Scan, Less priced.

  • - Recovers over 550 file formats.

  • - Simple interface, scan by folder feature.

  • - Preview before recovery.

  • - Supported  Platforms: PC, Mac, Hard drives, Digital Computers, Removable Drives, and Memory Cards.


  • - Less quality preview begging for overhauling.

  • - The data limit for the trial version looks too little when compared to other products in the business.

No 3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Pro is unique because it does not only support Windows and Mac OS, but Android and iOS. It helps recover files from your Android and iPhone using MobiSaver feature.

flash drive recovery


  • - It has an interface that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. 

  • - It made a list due to its effectiveness in the recovery process.

  • - There is a free version with some limited features and also a paid version for Android and iOS.

  • - Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac OS.


  • - The smartphone recovery process is a bit complicated.

  • - Individual folders cannot be scanned.

  • - Preview option has size limitation.

  • - Deep Scan mode can only be accessed after the completion of the quick scan process.

  • - It fails to detect Android phones, although, the authors mention it supports mobile phones.

No 4. Tenorshare Any Data Recovery

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery made a list for its potentials. A professional data recovery tool supports both Windows and Mac. Handles corrupt system or an accidental human deletion with the ability to recover almost anything including flash drive recovery.

flash drive recovery


  • - The interface is straightforward and intuitive as well.

  • - Deep scan feature.

  • - It recovers data from over 50 different storage media and over 550 file types in a simplified process.

  • - Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac.


  • - The claim of compatibility with Mac computers is questionable.

No 5. Recuva

Recuva recovery tool restores files from hard drives, DVD or CDs, memory cards, and external drives. Recuva does its work by searching for unreferenced data. It is known for retrieving lost directory structure while renaming files and performing the data recovery simultaneously. It is good for flash drive recovery.


  • - Superior file recovery.

  • - Advanced deep scan mode.

  • - Ability to recover files from damaged or newly formatted data Friendly User interface.

  • - Preview screen before final recovery.

  • - Supported Platforms: Recuva data recovery software for PC can be used on Windows.


  • - Cannot  recover files from Android phone's internal memory.

  • - Some  users reported that not all recoverable files get recovered correctly.

With the new and advance AnyRecover tool, recovering deleted data from your external hard drive is no longer a problem, so, if you have important files that you think you still need but has been deleted, so far as it has not been overwritten, you can make use of the AnyRecover tool.

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By  Greyson Cyrus , to External Device Recovery

Posted on Oct 25, 2018  ( Updated: Jan 15, 2019 )