Best Solutions for Corrupted SD Card Recovery

One way or the other, we must have had issues with SD card being corrupted either with wrong files or virus malware. The main purpose of having an SD card at the initial stage is to act as an external storage for data, files like images, music, videos, etc. The question then is: How do we recover a corrupted SD card, rather than abandoning it? Well, the solution lies in this article that teaches about various ways to ensure corrupted SD card recovery.

Part 1: Basic Solutions For Corrupted SD Card Recovery

SD card is the best and convenient ways of storing data. The latest types of SD cards are very good with storage at a faster rate. However, when faced with SD card issues which could have been as a result of a corrupted file or virus malware, all you would seek are basic solutions to get it fixed rather than abandoning them. So what's the basic solution you can get for corrupted SD card recovery before your next step.

  • 1. Connect SD Card to  Another Device

One problem often faced is the inability of an SD card to be incompatible with a mobile device. This could  also be as a result of driver-related issues, and in order to detect this, all you have to do is connect the SD card to another device and check for  compatibility.

  • 2. Assign a New Drive Letter To An Unreadable  SD Card

Another way you can fix your SD card is by connecting it with a card reader and operating it on a system. One way to  discover if a card is readable or not is the assigning of a new drive letter. There are also associated issues, but all you have to do is assign a new drive  letter to the card via the system's operating settings.

  • 3. Format SD card

Also, one of the best ways for corrupted SD card recovery is by formatting your SD card. You can either format the SD card on your phone or  system; either way, it restores your SD card to the original state with all  data lost.

  • 4. Reinstall The Driver

There are steps involved with  reinstalling driver for an SD card;
 Step 1: Right-click on This PC on your computer and go to Manage option.
 Step 2: Go to the left side of the option and click on Device Manager.
 Step 3: From the options list, double-click on the Disk Drives and click on the name of the removable drive.
 Step 4: Uninstall and click on OK.
 After following these steps, disconnect your storage media and restart PC. After restarting, connect SD card again  while your PC detects it.

  • 5. Use Sandisk Inbuilt Solution to  Restore Deleted Files From SD Card

Sometimes, the directories on the SD card will list the file names, but you may not be able to access them. You can confirm by checking properties to see free space and used space. However, if  they have been deleted, you can use the card’s inbuilt solution to recover all  the deleted files.


Part 2: Ultimate Solution For Corrupted SD Card Recovery

The ultimate solution to correct or recover a corrupted SD card is the use of a recovery tool called AnyRecover. AnyRecover has been tested and shown to have an effective recovery mechanism for devices and their storage issues. It would be your ultimate solution for corrupted SD card recovery.


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Features of AnyRecover

  • Extensively  scans your SD card to see where data loss could have occurred or corrupted files are.

  • Support most storage devices and more than 1000  files types to ensure data back.

  • Cross-checking  to ensure the SD card is free and safe to use.

  • Evaluation of data to see what needs to be recovered and what not ought to be.

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How to use AnyRecover

Step  1: Download and launch the AnyRecover and select "External Device Recovery" mode.

sd card recovery

Step 2: Connect your SD card to the computer and click "Next".

sd card recovery

Step 3: Select the file type you need to recover and click "Scan" to start.

sd card recovery

Step 4: It will take some time to scan. After it finished, you can preview the files and then click on "Recover" to get your data back.

sd card recovery

Note: If you cannot find your  lost files, you can try the All-Round Recovery mode. It will conduct a deeper scan to find back your files.

What Else Can AnyRecover  Do For you?

    1. Formatted Disk Recovery: If you lost files because you formatted your SD card or hard drive, you can recover them with the use of AnyRecover.

    2. Lost Partition Recovery: Within a few minutes after launching AnyRecover on your PC, you can recover Lost partition on your device or storage.

    3. All-round Recovery: Regardless of whatever you have lost, as long as it involves your device or storage, you can get them recovered easily.

    4. Emptied Recycle Bin Recovery: Even if you have emptied your recycle bin, you  can still get you lost files back with AnyRecover.

    5. Deleted Files Recovery: If you have permanently deleted some important  files, don't worry, AnyRecover will get it back for you soon.

The various ways to ensure corrupted SD card recovery has been listed above, and you can try several approaches, but most importantly, the use of AnyRecover will fix your issues fast and easy. So, you don't have to abandon an SD card once it develops issues anymore, just try these things listed above and get it running again.


By  Greyson Cyrus , to External Device Recovery

Posted on Oct 12, 2018  ( Updated: Jan 15, 2019 )