CF Card Recovery - How to Recover Photos/Videos from CF Card

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Compact flash card, usually known as CF card, is a type of small portable memory card and is widely used in high-end digital cameras. CF cards are durable, fast, and have high storage capacity compared to other types of storage devices, this makes them the best option for professional filmmakers and photographers.

There is nothing as disappointing and stressful as losing important files from CF cards, as we often store precious photos and videos on the card. Don’t panic if unfortunately, you have encountered this problem, in this article, we are going to show you how to recover deleted photos/videos from CF card.

Common Causes of Data Loss in CF Cards

Despite all the strengths of compact flash card, there is also the possibility of card corruption or improper format, leading to data loss. The common reasons for CF card data loss include:

  • Data might be lost or become inaccessible if a CF card gets infected by a virus.

  • You mistakenly format a CF card where important photos and videos are stored.

  • Another reason is in case you delete videos and photos by mistake.

  • Incorrect system shutdown can interrupt the reading or writing process of the CF card, and this corrupts the card, which leads to data loss.

  • Abruptly unplugging the CF card from the camera can result in data loss.

  • In some rare cases, the compact flash card may get corrupted by itself.

Whatever the cause of data loss, what matters is the fact that with the CF card recovery software such as iMyFone AnyRecover, you will be able to recover those important videos and photos.

Guide to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from CF Card Easily

You should now have peace of mind knowing that you can recover lost data from a CF card. We also suggest to perform compact flash card data recovery as soon as possible before saving new content on your card.

AnyRecover by iMyfone is a powerful CF card recovery tool to help retrieve deleted videos and photos from your CF card. It also stands out as the best photo recovery tool for digital cameras. One such camera is Canon, so if you want to recover files from Canon or any other popular camera brands, AnyRecover is a great tool to help you.

iMyFone AnyRecovr product

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Marvelous Features of AnyRecover CF Card Recovery Tool

AnyRecover will recover data from CF card, SD card, camcoder, USB drive and many other external storage devices.

AnyRecover supports to recover different graphic or video file types including JPG, JPEG, PCX, NEF, GIF, GIFF, PSD, AVI, MOV, MKV, MTS, M2TS, etc.

AnyRecover boasts of the highest recovery rate in the market today, it’s capable of recovering lost data using its deep scan algorithms.

AnyRecover allows you to preview the files you are about to recover, this makes sure that you only recover what you want.

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Steps to Perform CF Card Recovery Using AnyRecover

Step 1. Free download and launch AnyRecover on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your CF card to the computer, then select your CF card in the External Removable Devices tab. Once you select the section, click on Start.

select cf card to recover

Step 3. An all-round scan will be done on the selected device. Please note that this might take some time, so be patient. You have the option to pause or stop scanning.

scan cf card with AnyRecover

Step4. When the scanning process is done, you can now locate your targeted photos or videos. Preview them and then click the Recover button. You will then be prompted to select the target location to save your recovered file.

recover photos from cf card

The process of compact flash data recovery using the AnyRecover tool is seamless, and it won’t take much of your time.

Extra Information about CF Card Recovery

1Tips To Prevent Data Loss on CF Cards

Though files can be recovered using the steps we have seen above, it is always a good practice to minimize the chances of losing data from your CF card or any other storage devices, including computer storage. The following are some expert tips to help you prevent data loss on a CF card.

Be Careful When Deleting Items

When attempting to delete photos or videos from your CF card, it is important to note that there is no way to recover them back from the recycle bin, like in the computers, so be careful not to lose important files.

Backup Your Most Crucial Files

You can back up your most important photos or video somewhere else, either on another device or save them on cloud storage.

Don’t Pull Out the Card From Device While It Is In Use

Whether your CF Card is connected to your camera or your PC, Don’t remove it while in use. Wait for it to finish to avoid data corruption, which might cause data loss. It is always great to give it a few minutes after writing is complete before removing it.

2Tips to Better Recover Lost Data from CF Cards

Don't Format The CF Card Before Performing Data Recovery

If your CF card is corrupted or damaged and then you connect it to your computer, Windows may require you to format the card before you can access it. Please ignore this prompt because if you format it, you will not be able to recover lost files. You should first recover the files and then format the card later.

Prevent Overwriting

When you accidentally format the SD card or delete a file or when the card is corrupted, it is highly recommended that you do not save more photos or videos on the same card to prevent overwriting. Using the AnyRecover CF card recovery tool, you might still be able to recover some files.

Use External CF Card Reader

Sometimes if you connect your camera directly to your PC, it might not appear as a drive letter in your PC. We highly recommend using an external CF card reader, which simplifies the recovery process.


Now you have already know how to prevent data loss from TF Cards, and even if such tragedy happens, it is now clear that you can recover lost files on your CF card using AnyRecover CF card recovery software. The process is fairly simple, and you'll be able to get back your lost files without much struggle.

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By  James Crawford , to External Device Recovery

Updated on Aug 13, 2020