Effective Solutions - How to Recover MS Word Files without Loss

Have you ever accidentally closed an important MS Word file that you have been working on for the last three hours? Closing the Word file without saving the progress can lead to loss of data of the file. The same situation is faced when the program crashes due to some kind of software failure. Losing the important data is always a tragedy and you must know about a powerful MS Word Recover tool that can recover the lost data.

If you ever feel that the files are missing, don’t panic as we are going to discuss some effective methods to recover or locate the lost files. This article is also going to talk about top software to restore MS Word files and documents. If you ever face such a situation, these methods can help to restore the lost or missing MS Word files.

Part 1: Causes of MS Word File Loss and Word Document Corruption

Have you ever wondered about the reasons behind the corruption of MS Word files in your USB drive and how software failure can lead to a stressful situation? Just imagine that you were working on a file and someone accidentally removed the USD drive that you were working on. In that case, a powerful USB Recovery tool can be the day saver.

If you have lost files and MS Word Documents from your Flash Drive, you can use an advanced USB recovery tool to get back your lost documents. Here are some common causes of MS Word files loss.

  • Forced Shutdown of MS Word: If something goes wrong with your computer hardware or software, it can force stop the running programs too. If any external process forces the MS Word to quit, the current data will be lost.

  • Power Interruption during Editing: Sudden and forced shutdown of your  system will also result in MS Word file loss. If the electricity is cut while  you are editing some file, the document will not be saved properly.

  • Closing the Document without Saving Contents: Although the auto saver in MS Word works fine for many documents the continuous saving of data is must in MS Word. When you choose not to save the contents before closing the MS Word tool, the document or file will be lost.

  • Format of the Hard DriveIn case of a factory reset or hard drive format, all the data from your computer will be erased and that includes the MS Word files too. If you have erased all the data without saving your MS Word files, you can use a powerful MS Word Recover or data recovery tool to restore your lost files.

  • Partition Loss: If your storage media is not responding properly, you are definitely going to face MS Word file corruption. Even a location error can also because the data loss as your file will not be saved at your desired location.

Part 2: Well Rated MS Word Recover Software of 2019

Manual recovery of lost MS Word file is not only a complicated method but most of the time; these manual methods don’t even work. If you want 100% secure recovery of lost MS Word files, iMyFone AnyRecover is one of the best data recovery tools that can recover all kind of lost MS Word files. This amazing MS Word Recover tool is a complete package for all kind of data recovery needs so no matter what kind of data failure or file corruption you are going through, AnyRecover is always going to be a perfect choice for your digital needs.


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Key features of AnyRecover SD Card Recovery Software
  • Recover missing MS Word files for all scenarios.

  • Preview the recoverable files before recovering.

  • Support to restore all kind of files from not only hard computer hard drives, but also external storage devices such as SD cards and camcorders etc.

  • Easy and user-friendly to even technique greenhands.

  • Offer 98% high success rate for data recovery operations

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How to Recover Missing MS Word Files with AnyRecover

AnyRecover USB recovery tool is designed for both beginners and professionals. If you have never used this tool before, you are going to see that the whole recovery process is very easy and smooth.   Here are simple steps that you need to follow for the MS Word lost file recovery process.

Step 1. Install and launch the AnyRecover software and choose the "External Device Recovery" option.

Select recovery mode of Anyrecover

Step 2. You can choose the storage device of the folder that you want to scan for lost MS Word files. Choose the location from your computer and click on the "Next" button.

Select the location of your SD card

Step 3. There are many options available for the data recovery processes. You can choose the file type from video, files, audio, images or any other file. To recover the lost MS Word files, choose the document option and choose the "Scan" option.

Select file types you want to undelete from SD card

Step 4. The tool will start the scan and found files will be displayed on the screen. Go through the scanned files and choose the files that you were looking for and recover those MS Word files by clicking "Recover".

Note: If you could not find your required MS Word files after this scan, you can try some other scan options too for a deeper search.

Undelete SD card files

Step 5. Select the target location to save the recovered files. Please do not save the restored files to the partition where you deleted or lost the data before.

anyrecover screenshot

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Part 3: How to Avoid Failure of Recovering MS Word File

Here are some common practices that can lower the chances of MS Word file loss and corruption chances.

1Change the Save AutoRecover Information Time

MS Word automatically saves the written document after 10 minutes but you can change the time interval by following the given steps.

Click on the "File" option

Choose the "Save" option from the list

Here, you will see a timer to save the recoverable copy of the document. You can set the interval as per your requirements.

Click "OK" once you are done with the process

Set Auto SaveRecover time

1Continuously Save Documents and Backup Data

Backing up your data is always going to be a good habit. If something goes wrong with your system or storage device, this backup can be used to recover the files. You should also save the contents while working on any file.


You can save your files to avoid any possible loss but you are always at risk if you don’t have access to ant powerful MS Word Recover tool. As you have seen that the use of iMyFone AnyRecover is really simple and you can recover almost any kind of lost data with iMyFone AnyRecover . If you want to try the amazing features of iMyFone AnyRecover before making the full purchase, you can go for their trial version. But keep in mind that your files are important than a few bucks.

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