[Solved] 3 Ways to Recover Word Document after Crash

The technology these days has so far developed that you as good as never have to fear when the Microsoft Word crashes. There are always ways to recover your word documents after crash. In this article, I will introduce you to three ways you can use to help yourself after a crash.

1Best Way to Recover Word Document after Crash

iMyFone AnyRecover a professional recovery program, which gives the user many option to recover any data from any device. This includes: documents, photos, videos, emails, audios, etc.

There are different reasons, why you may lose data from your PC:

Inappropriate Shutdown (crash)
Shift + Delete (the file is permanently deleted)
Mistakenly deleted data
Emptied Recycle Bin
Formatted devices
Lost partitions
Damaged hard drive
Virus attack

Whenever such an incidence occurs, keep your calm and download AnyRecover if you not have done so already. It won’t take more than a few clicks to recover all your lost data!

Steps to Recover Word Documents after Crash

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Step 1.  Launch AnyRecovery on computer and select the location of your lost data.

select location

Step 2. After the location is selected, hit “Start” button to start the scanning process. The software now scans for all document files and will load them for you to see.

start scan

Step 3. When the scan is finished, find your document and preview it. When you are sure this is indeed the file you were looking for, click the Recover button.

scanned files preview

As you can see, recovering data is easy, and the restoration of lost data is only a few clicks away.

It is important to note, not to install the software on the same partition on your hard drive where you want to recover the data. Through the installation process, the desired data might be overwritten.

2Using the Feature Recover Word Documents

Closing a document without saving it can happen at any time. Particularly, when your Microsoft Word crashed. Microsoft is well equipped for such occurrences. Here I will show you step by step a method, how you can recover Word documents after crash.

Using Word’s Recover Unsaved Documents is a secure but reliable tool. You do not need to be an expert. Just follow the steps below to recover the files, you thought where lost!

Steps to Restore Word Documents after Crash

Step 1. Open Word on your computer.

Step 2. Click on File > Info > Manage Documents > Recover  Unsaved Documents


All your unsaved documents will open in a new window, choose the one you have lost.

3Search for Temporary files

If you know where Microsoft stores its temporary files, you could go straight there, trying to recover your lost documents after Microsoft Word crashed. However, most people would not be familiar with this location. Follow these easy steps, and you will find all the temporary files on your computer.

Step 1. Click on the start menu

Step 2. Type: %temp%

Step 3. On the submenu click on the %temp% folder.

Step 4. In a new window, you will see the temporary files.


Note: If you are running Windows XP and prior:

Click Start Menu > Choose the Run option and type %temp% in the Run field

Useful Tip to Keep Your Document Safe

Using Auto Recover tool helps you to keep your files safe and protected in case of a computer crash. This tool will keep the latest version you have worked on whenever the unexpected happens.

Step 1. Open Word, scroll down to Options.

Step 2. From the emerging window choose Save.

Step 3. Now tick Save AutoRecover every x minutes (it is recommended to select not more than 5 minutes.)

Step 4. Tick: Keep the last AutoRecover version if I save without closing.

Step 5. Click OK.

word backup location

The next time you close a Word document without saving, just open Word once again and you will see the last AutoRecover version on a panel on the left side. Click on it and keep working.


As you can see, there are always different ways to recover data. Nothing ever stored on your hard drive is lost forever. Using AnyRecover is a safe and reliable software to find lost data without interrupting your day.

AnyRecover is 100 % is the most reliable data recovery software on the market. Before you buy, download the trial and see what it can do for you.

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By  Simon Marcus , to Document Recovery

Posted on Dec 10, 2018  ( Updated: Dec 19, 2019 )

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