[2020] Full Guide to Undelete Videos from Computer Easily

“For days, I have been looking for a particular video on my computer, only for my brother to tell me that he deleted the video because he didn’t know it was important. I need the video; can I recover it? Or can you point me to a good tool for this?”

Sorry about your video. You can undelete your video using a variety of methods, depending on how it was deleted. This is what we will discuss in this guide. Not only will we talk about how to undelete videos from computer, you will also learn about the different recovery methods, how to prevent data loss, and the most common causes of deletion.

How to Undelete Videos from Computer?

First, you should know that there are different types of undeleting. If you delete a video from your computer, it heads to your Recycle Bin folder. If you find the video in this folder, then it is easy to recover it from there; you can skip to the second method if that’s the info you need. However, if you don’t find the video in your Recycle Bin and you have a backup, you can restore from a previous version (especially if you use Windows backup utility). We will discuss these in-depth in this article.

1Recover Deleted Videos from Computer with AnyRecover

If you do not find your video in the Recycle Bin folder, and you do not have a backup of your files, you have other options to undelete videos from computer. Some deleted files still lurk around in your hard disk waiting to be overwritten by other files. If you use AnyRecover, hopefully before it gets overwritten, then you have a good chance of undeleting the video.


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Key Features of AnyRecover:

This tool will recover all data, no matter the drive from which it was deleted or how it was deleted.

AnyRecover does not only undelete your video; it works with more than 1000 other file formats also.

This program was built with the novice in mind, so you do not need any special ICT skills to use this.

Not convinced about the tool? You can get a free trial version of AnyRecover before getting the full version.

It does not alter your files or share them with third parties.

High success rate. When tested, AnyRecover was found to work 98% of the time.

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How to Undelete Videos from PC with AnyRecover?

Step 1: Run AnyRecover on your computer. On the first screen, click the Deleted Files Recovery Mode option.

deleted files recovery mode

Step 2: Select the drive from which the video was deleted.

select file location

Step 3: Choose the file format (select video in this case).

select file type

Step 4: Your programs will get scanned to find the deleted video. If this scan returns no relevant documents, go back and change the mode to All-Round Recovery.

start to scan

Step 5: If you find the video you are looking for, you can preview it and recover the video to your computer by clicking Recover.

preview and recover

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2Undelete Videos from Recycle Bin

As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to recover a deleted video is if it is still in your Recycle Bin folder. If so, all you do is browse your Recycle Bin and if you see the video there, right-click on it and click Restore item.

restore item from recycle bin


The drawback to this method is that it works if the deleted file is still in your Recycle Bin. If the video has been deleted permanently or if the file was formatted from an external storage, it will not be in this Recycle Bin folder.

3Restore Deleted Videos from the Previous Versions

Windows saves files and folders automatically as part of a restore point, and these are what we call previous versions. Here is how to undelete videos from computer using this method:

Step 1: Open Computer by either double-clicking the desktop This PC or My Computer icon or going through Start.

Step 2: Navigate to the folder from where the video was deleted. Right-click on the drive and click Restore previous versions.

Step 3: A list of available previous versions will be shown to you.

Step 4: Browse the list from the previous step, and double-click on the most recent previous version.

Step 5: Copy or move the recovered video to another location on your computer, such as My Documents or Desktop.

Note: If your PC was used frequently, there is great possibility that your deleted videos has been overwritten. It would be unlikely to recover these files back.

Causes of Deletion of Videos and Prevention of Further Data Loss

Causes of Deletion of Videos

Despite the complexity of computer hardware and software, your data is not entirely safe. Data can get lost due to several reasons, some of with include hardware failures like crashing of a storage medium, as well as due to human error (mistakenly deleting the file), software corruption, and so forth. All of these failures are classified under logical and physical.

How to Prevent Further Data Loss

They say prevention is better than curing, and this applies to data loss. The most reliable way of preventing data loss is by always making regular backups of your vital data. This way, if you lose your data, you can simply recover from the backup.


Hopefully, by now, undeleting videos from computer has been demystified, and you can now find your lost videos, no matter how they got lost. Always prevent data loss, but keep a regular backup just in case.

Also, it is essential that you confirm the contents of your Recycle Bin folder before hitting Empty Recycle Bin, because you might have deleted at one point, a document or media file that you would need in future. Follow the guides here, and you will have no problems undeleting files of any format on your computer with AnyRecover.

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