The Definitive Data Recovery Pro Review in 2020

Lost your data and facing a problem to decide which data recovery software to purchase? Some of the many data recovery software available in the market recover data very slowly, while others are quick but not reliable and still others though quick and reliable are too expensive to afford. Earlier I had been using Data Recovery Pro for recovering my lost data. It worked really well for some files, while for others it did not meet the expectations. Before suggesting an alternative to Data Recovery Pro, let’s have a look at what Data Recovery Pro really is, and what it offers.

1 What is Data Recovery Pro?

Data Recovery Pro is software which comes to your rescue when you need to recover data from crashed or damaged hard disks and files or the data which you have deleted unintentionally.

Pros of Data Recovery Pro

It makes all the deleted or lost data visible and then you can select the data you want to recover. By Data Recovery Pro you can recover data not only from your computer hard disk but also from your external devices such as USB, phone storage, external hard disks, and MP3 players, in short from any storage device either internal or external.

Cons of Data Recovery Pro

However Data Recovery Pro is very slow and in some cases may take even days to recover the entire data. Data Recovery Pro works best if you want to retrieve image files, text or emails. Moreover, Data Recovery Pro recovers very less amount of lost data as compared with best data recovery software available in the market. Data Recovery Pro works only on Windows O.S- you will have to find an alternative data recovery software for MAC O.S. Its Guided Scan feature, although supposed to guide the users, may make the scanning process even more difficult for lay users.

2 How to Use Data Recovery Pro?

You can download Data Recovery Pro from the official website. It is very easy and quick to install. After you have gone through the installation process, which only takes about a minute, you will see the main interface of the product with following options:


I. Quick Scan for scanning a specific drive or any external storage device

II. Full Scan for scanning full computer and all connected storage devices

III.Guided Scan guides you for the selection of email or file recovery


This option gives more control to the user and hence should be used only if you fully understand the function and structure of storage devices and know your preferences to scan with technical terms.


Select email for retrieving lost or deleted emails.

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3 AnyRecover Is The Best Alternative to Data Recovery Pro

AnyRecover is the best alternative to Data Recovery Pro. It is fast, easy to use and above all recovers almost all of your lost data. With AnyRecover you get value for your money. It is superior to other data recovery software because,


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  • AnyRecover Data Recovery is very reliable when it comes to retrieving maximum amount of data as compared with other data recovery software.

  • AnyRecover Data Recovery allows you to preview the files and recover them within minutes or at most within hours.

  • It is easier to use as compared with other data recovery software available in the market.

  • AnyRecover Data Recovery supports for all types of files including audio/video files, documents, pictures, emails, archives and many more.

  • It works well for internal as well as external hard-drives, USB flash-drives, zip drives, micro-cards, SSDs, etc.

  • AnyRecover Data Recovery provides 100% file protection. Recovered files are never overwritten on existing files.

  • It recovers your lost data whatever the data-loss scenario might be. Whether it was lost as a result of formatting, partitioning, crashes or simply by accidental deletion, AnyRecover will recover your data.

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How to Recover Deleted Files with AnyRecover?

Installation of AnyRecover is very easy and quick. You just need to double click the installation document and follow the easy-to-understand guidelines to complete the installation process. Once, you have installed the software follow these simple steps to recover your data.

Step 1 After launching AnyRecover Data Recovery select one of the locations according to your needs.


Step 2. Wait for a while for AnyRecover to scan the device.


Step 3. After some time, results of the scan will appear in a list form. Preview and select ones you need to recover.


4 Comparison of Data Recovery Pro and AnyRecover Data Recovery

Data Recovery Pro
Available Version
Files Supported
video files,audio files, documents, emails, archives, pictures and many more
Works well only for documents, music and emails
Devices supported
Hard drive, SD card, USB, Camera Card, Players
Works too slow on external devices
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Troubleshooting the problems is very complex
Formatted drives and corrupted partitions
Recovers the entire data
Most of the data is not recovered
Trial Version
Trial version allows you to recover 3 files before it asks for license
Trial Version is very Limited
Time Taken
Takes minutes to hours to recover the entire data
May take many hours to recover the entire data
Almost $50

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By  James Crawford , to Deleted Files Recovery

Updated on Dec 16, 2019

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