Solution for "Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working" [100% Work]

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If you’ve ever faced a nasty situation where your Outlook 2013 refused to load or you tried opening a word document but got a error message instead, or maybe your Outlook crashes when displaying a folder and this has unfortunately become a common occurrence. This most definitly means that your Outlook 2013 needs to undergo some repair process and this brief guide will help you do that.

1How to Fix Microsoft Word has Stopped Working

Just think for a while, you are doing your school/college assignment and various innovative ideas are hitting your mind – you are typing them all on Microsoft Word but suddenly your software crashes and a message pops up saying “Microsoft Word has stopped Working” and boom! All of your data is gone.  No Need Worry, Solutions are Here:

Before solving the actual problem, we need to examine the causes. So, here we have concluded some of the major reasons:

Your software has not been updated.

Drivers (assisting software) are out of order.

Word Add-in issue.

Word file issue (corrupted file).

Office isn’t compatible with the current operating system on your PC.  

Just in case you are working and your software crashes, let the program handle the issue itself and try your best to save your document.

If you’ve been waiting for a long time, but nothing happened. Close the program immediately. Here are some methods to eliminate this error quickly:

1Task manager termination:

To fix the problem with the method, you are going to use Task manager, here are the steps:

Open Task manager (Press Ctrl+ T + Del keys).

Go to the process tab, seek for MS Word in the operating software’s list.

Click “End Task” to terminate the operation.

With these step, you can terminate the functionality of Microsoft Word and you can restart it. But, the fear of data lose is primitive in this method.

2Windows safe mode:

First of all, reboot your PC. Go to the “Power” window and click on “Restart”.

You will see many options on the screen, click on troubleshoot>Advanced options>Startup Settings>Restart.

Hit F4 button when the computer is rebooting.

Your PC will now start in safe mode.

Now, relaunch Microsoft Word and check whether the software is working properly or not.

windows safe mode

3Check MS Office’s activation status:

Sometimes, the issues happen to the software for it is not activated. In case you are facing some crashing issues – you need to check whether your software is activated or not:

Open MS Word, go to “file” > “Account”. Read out account information and confirm your software is activation state. If you are using an inactive software, then try to qactivate your MS Office with a valid serial key. On the off chance that the Word continues slamming when you attempt to open a report on your PC. Here, you'll discover 3 strategies that will assist you with fixing this issue, making your Microsoft Word work once more.

check ms offices activation status

No#1. Check out your installation:

It is experienced that if your Microsoft Word got issues and you couldn’t open/edit any file. Microsoft word would terminate its functioning no matter what you are doing or editing. Here are some tips to resolve this issue:

If you are using Windows 10,8 or 7, then go to control panel -- Programs and Features > Microsoft office.

After that, click “Change” button available on the top.

Click “Repair” > “Continue”.

In the latest versions of MS office, the developers have introduced “Online Repair” or “Quick Repair” where you can fix your issues via internet.

No#2. Go for the latest version:

Most of the bugs you are facing are probably because of the outdated version of the software. First of all, confirm that you are using the latest version of the software. Here are the steps:

Go to windows settings by pressing windows + I.

Click “Update & Security” > “Check for updates”.

If any versions are available, then click on “Update Now”.

go for the latest version

No#3. Reinstall MS office:

If you are using your validation key for the last time then this fix is not for you because your serial key may expire after you reinstall your MS office. Make sure your serial key is available for multiple uses. Follow the following steps:

First of all, copy your serial key and paste it in a safe place.

Open Control Panel>Program and Features>MS office.

Click “Uninstall”.

reinstall ms office

After uninstalling your software, reinstall with your valid serial key.

2How to Recover Lost or Unsaved Files if MS Word Stops Working

If you have lost your important files, or fogot to save your files before MS Word crashing  – then the best option you have to recover these files is AnyRecover. It is a very powerful and useful tool that would recover all of your deleted data in a short time.


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AnyRecover Key features include:
  • AnyRecover is utterly developed to recover over 1000 different formats of photos, videos, documents and emails, etc.

  • You could also preview your data before recovering it.

  • This software is developed to recover all the data in its original form without overwriting it.

  • It is 100% safe and easy to use.

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Step 1. Install and open iMyFone AnyRecover software, choose the location, click “Start”.

select location

Step 2. Start to scan. It may take some time.

start scan

Step 3. After scanning completely, your application would show all the deleted files from the selected folder. From this list you can recover your desired file.

scanned files preview

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3How to Protect a Word File

After all these fixes and solutions, if you are still seeking some comprehensive ways to protect your documents and files then we have something interesting for you.

1.Enable Auto-Save:

By this feature, you could back up all of your files and documents. To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open MS word > “File” > “Option”.

Step 1: Open MS word > “File” > “Option”.

2.Use Back Up software:

Another best option to protect your documents extraordinarily is using file backup software. You just need to find a perfect backup software on internet. After downloading, you can enable it to backup all of your files and documents. Even if you delete your files unintentionally – you can recover them by using this backup software.


By  Taylor Clark , to Deleted Files Recovery

Updated on Jan 15, 2021