Secure Data Recovery Service Review: Is It Worth Trying?

What happens when your computer containing your most valuable information breaks? For some, they will be stressed to the breaking point. With technology in data recovery growing every day, there are many companies that offer data recovery services, such as Secure Data Recovery, but is it worth trying?

1Secure Data Recovery Service Review

Established in 2007, Secure Data Recovery has been proved one of the most popular data recovery service. They offer service for data recovery, hard drive repair, RAID repair, computer forensics and other media services in their clean room. If your hard drive is damaged or dead, send it to Secure Data Recovery will be a nice choice.


1What Can Secure Data Recovery Do?

With a team of experienced engineers, Secure Data Recovery offers the perfect solution for lost data. They can handle:

  • Hard drive recovery

  • Apple Mac recovery

  • Laptop and desktop recovery

  • RAID Data recovery and repair

  • Encrypted data recovery

  • Mobile data recovery among other services

In simple terms, they can help you access any data you may have thought lost.

2How Does Secure Data Recovery Work?

Secure Data Recovery employs the use of propriety technology. The process begins with a good evaluation process to determine how much damage your storage device has incurred. Then you get a quotation for the recovery. The rest is a simple recovery method by a team of experts.


There are different levels of security in Secure Data Recovery. For a start, they use biometric unlock. This is just the physical part that also involves great security systems and 24-hour surveillance. They are approved by the government to offer the service. In addition, they have verifiable certificates from third-party auditor. They are generally trustworthy.


Price for recovering lost data varies depending on a number of factors. The most basic consideration is the complexity of the repair. If the damage is too great, then you should expect to dig deeper into your pockets. It also depends on how important the data is to the user.


The starting price is about $1150. This is what you would have to pay for damaged hard drives. The more data is recovered, the more the price increases. Consider how much the information you need means to you. Sometimes such prices don't mean much to the user when it carries great value.

5Customer Care

One of the best services from these firms is customer care. They offer personalized customer care support that is available24/7. You can call, email, live chat or use the online self-service portal.

2Cheaper Alternative for Secure Data Recovery Service - iMyFone AnyRecover

It is normal to accidentally delete some files. Or perhaps, you crushed your media card, flash drive, virtual disk or any other devices. iMyFone AnyRecover data recovery software is the perfect solution for such a situation. Compared with Secure Data Recovery services, iMyFone AnyRecover is much cheaper. It offers a free trial so that you can determine whether to get the full version ($29.95) or not.


1,000,000 + Downloads

Recover Your Files for Free

  • Get back your deleted files by yourself in 3 steps. Simple and easy to use.

  • Support over 1000 file types, which means you can recover nearly all your deleted files.

  • Recover lost files from any storage mediums, including hard drive, flash drive, SD card, digital camera, and more.

  • Free Trial is available, you'll be able to scan and preview your lost files for free.

  • Full version only cost $39.95, much cheaper than data recovery services. Offers 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Download NowDownload Now

Steps of Data Recovery

Go to the official site and download the software. It is very important that you get the genuine software and save on another drive, not the one with lost files.

Step 1: Open this software on your PC or Mac, then choose the recovery mode. There are 6 options for you to choose from. Pick the one suitable for you.

deleted files recovery mode

Step 2: Scan the files according to the option you have chosen and give it a few minutes.

deleted files recovery

Step 3: Preview and select those files you want to recover, then get them back. That's all!

deleted files recovery


Technology has made it quite easy to recover lost files. All you need is the perfect tool for the process then you are good to go. And here you have the tools you need. It's wise to have a data recovery software (such as iMyFone AnyRecover) a try before sending your hard drive to the expensive Secure Data Recovery service.

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By  Simon Marcus , to Deleted Files Recovery

Posted on May 05, 2019  ( Updated: May 29, 2020 )

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