Top Ways for Recycle Bin Recovery on Windows 10/8/7 in 2020

Through the existence recycle bin on windows 10, you can retrieve deleted files back to your system. The importance of this can hardly be overemphasized most especially when these are vital files that need to be put into one use or the other.

However, it can be very frustrating to discover that such files have been deleted from your recycle bin. There is no need to panic as you've come to the right place where every detail about Windows 10 recycle bin recovery will be exposed.

1Reasons behind Data Loss from Recycle Bin

Some of the reasons why you may not be able to find files inside your recycle bin are listed below:

  • When you accidentally get the option which says “Empty Recycle Bin” clicked on. In this case, vital files will be deleted along with those that are no longer needed

  • Another reason is when the size of your file which has been deleted is larger than that of your recycle bin by over 10%. In such an instance, it will be deleted permanently.

  • In the process of trying to “Restore” a file, you can mistakenly choose the option which says Delete

2Top Recycle Bin Recovery Methods on Windows 10

1Best Way for Emptied Recycle Bin Recovery on Windows 10/8/7

Although the process of Recycle Bin recovery may seem daunting and difficult, it can be done with the right tool at your disposal. Amongst the various tools out there that can carry out such function, AnyRecover Recycle Bin Recovery seems to stand out due to some of its advanced features.

Below are some of its outstanding features which make Windows 10 recycle bin recovery very easy.


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Features of AnyRecover

  • Can carry out a complete scan of your entire drive within few minutes.

  • Can recover files even after you emptied the Recycle Bin.

  • It comes with a sophisticated in-built algorithm. This can help in the easy identification and restoration of deleted files. These could be files such as animation, documents, audios, videos, photos and others. In a nutshell, it supports over 1000 files.

  • Using recycle Bin Recovery Utility, restored files can be stored or transferred to various storage devices. These could be the external hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, HDD, and others.

  • Its process of Windows 10 Recycle Bin recovery is efficient and effective. As a matter of fact, using this tool can bring about a success rate of 98%.

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Steps to Carry out Recycle Bin Recovery on Windows 10

Below are the steps to recover your files that have been deleted in recycle bin using iMyFone AnyRecover application.

Step 1. Launch the application (iMyFone AnyRecover) on your system. After that, select the mode which says "Recycle Bin Recovery".

recycle bin recovery mode

Step 2. After selecting the mode above, you will be shown different types of files such as photos, videos, audios, and others. Select the file that you would want to recover.

formatted disk recovery location

Step 3. Then click on the Scan button at the bottom right. iMyFone AnyRecover will begin to scan your recycle bin for lost files. Once it is through, it will display all the files.

recycle bin recovery

Step 4. The files can be preview before clicking Recover. This will ensure you are recovering your preferred file.

recycle bin recovery

2Use Previous Versions for Recycle Bin Recovery

It is also possible to recover deleted files using the Previous Versions feature. Below are some of the steps you can take on your Windows 10.

Step 1. Open your file explorer and navigate to any folder or file that you would want its previous versions to be restored.

Step 2. Right click on your preferred folder and choose the option which says "Restore previous versions".


Step 3. You can either open the content of such file or restore straight away. Just click on the file version and both options will be available. Clicking the button which says "Restore", will help recover the previous version.


3Carry out Recycle Bin Recovery on Windows 10 Using a Backup

Some of the steps for this process are listed below.

Step 1. Get your start button on  your computer, then search and click on "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)".


Step 2. Click on More options.


Step 3. Then click on "Restore files from a current backup", the process of files getting restored will then commence.


Bonus: How to Show the Recycle Bin Icon

There are times when it may look like your recycle bin icon is hidden. Below are some of the steps you can take to make it unhidden.

  1. 1. Right click on the desktop and select Personalize.

  2. 2. Then click on Themes on the left sidebar.

  3. 3. Click Desktop, and select Recycle Bin icon.

  4. 4. Finally, click "Restore Default", and hit "Apply".



Having seen the above, it is obvious that the process of Recycle Bin Recovery on Windows 10 isn't any difficult as the use of an effective tool such as AnyRecover Recycle Bin Recovery. This is due to its data recovery features which make the whole process very easy. It is a user-friendly tool that anyone can explore.

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By  Simon Marcus , to Deleted Files Recovery

Posted on May 15, 2019  ( Updated: Dec 16, 2019 )

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