[Solved:] How to Recover Missing Emails/Folders from Outlook


Hello, please help me out here - one of my email folders is missing from my Outlook and even the web server. When I search on the emails, they show up on the results. Note that I did not delete this folder or the emails. How can I get back my emails, please? It’s urgent.

If you faced the same situation, you're right in the place. This article explains how to recover missing emails in outlook using our recommended iMyFone AnyRecover, how to find those that were accidentally moved, and how to find them by Search and Browse.

1    How to Recover Missing Emails from Outlook?

For the first method of recovering missing emails from outlook, we will assume that the emails and their folders were deleted, and we will use a tool called iMyFone AnyRecover. This software is excellent for bringing back any file or data, and it allows you to perform this recovery operation conveniently with its mature user-interface.


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Key Features of AnyRecover:

Recovers lost data in any scenarios: emptied recycle bin, accidentally deleted files, formatted drives, lost partitions, etc.

Recovers over 1000 file formats: pictures, audios, videos, emails, documents and so on.

Recovers from all storage device: HDD, USB flash drive, external hard drive, digital camera and more.

It has an incredibly high success rate of 98%.

This program does not overwrite existing files, nor does it have access to them.

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Steps to Recover Deleted Emails with AnyRecover

Step 1: Start iMyFone AnyRecover and hit Deleted Files Recovery mode on the first screen.

deleted files recovery mode

Step 2: Select the location where your outlook folders were stored, then hit Next.

select file location

Step 3: Specify the type of file you want to restore. For the Outlook folders missing, click on Others.

select file type

Step 3: AnyRecover will go on to begin scanning the appropriate places. After the scanning, it presents the results of your deleted data.

Step 4: From the list that AnyRecover sends, you can opt to preview them first before recovering, so you recover the right ones.

preview and recovery

If you do not find the lost files on the list, go back and try the All-Round Recovery mode. It searches deeper into your computer but takes a longer time to complete.

Step 5: When you are set, select the ones you wish to restore and hit Recover to get it back.

deleted files recovery

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2    How to Recover Missing Outlook Folders That Was Accidentally Moved?

1Search Nearby Folders

The deleted data might have been simply moved to a different location on your computer. Before you take any drastic measures, just navigate around all the email folders, especially the nearby one. You may just find your emails in another folder.

2Find a Missing Folder in Outlook by Folder Size Option

Let’s say the name of the folder is "folder", if you want to search for it, you can do that by browsing through all the names of folders in the Folder Size dialog box. Find steps to perform this below:

Step 1: On your Navigation Pane, right-click on the email account. Next, you click on Data Properties from the right-clicking menu.

open data file properties

Step 2: Go to the Outlook Tray dialog box and locate the General tab. Click the Folder Size button. Your missing folder box will be in the Folder Size dialog box.

folder size dialog box

Step 3: Return to the Outlook main interface and look for the folder with the help of the above folder path. Lastly, you drag and drop the folder manually to where it should be.

3Find a Missing Folder in Outlook by Search and Browse

On the other hand, if you know the title of an email in the missing folder, simply search the email title to find them.

Step 1: On Outlook, activate the Search box by clicking on it. Change the search scope to All Mailboxes and enter the words you can remember from the email title into the Search box.

all mail boxes

Step 2: The application then searches for your email and lists it in the mail list. To open it, double tap on the item.

Step 3: Press Ctrl + Shift + F to open the Advanced Find dialog box. There, the email’s folder name is displayed on the inbox. Click Browse to browse.

browse email folder

Step 4: Once you are in the Select Folder(s) dialog box, you can locate the missing folder. Take note of the path to this folder because you will need it in the next step.

select folders

Step 5: Return to the Outlook first page. Using the folder path from step 4, find the missing folder. Once you see it, you can simply drag and drop it in the right location.


It is never a pleasant experience to search for an important email find Outlook folders missing when you need it. Hopefully, you now know how to retrieve missing emails or even files and media. iMyFone AnyRecover works for more than a thousand file types, so you can’t go wrong with it. Understand that before going ahead to use this fantastic tool, you should know that it might have accidentally been moved to a different folder. This article explains how to check and confirm all of these as well as how to recover the emails in case they were deleted.

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Posted on Jun 13, 2019  ( Updated: Dec 16, 2019 )

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