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If you have ever lost any important file due to virus attacks, malware, accidental deletions, failed updates, crashed operating systems or physical damage to your device, you would have realized how painful the data loss could be. However, there is good news for you because there are now tons of tools that are designed to ensure high-success-rate of data recovery.

This well-researched article will show you what you need to look for in a data recovery tool, and how to recover your data with the best online data recovery tool.

1Is Data Recovery Online Possible?

After losing or mistakenly deleting some files or data, you may want to know whether it is possible for you to recover the lost or deleted data. The answer to this is yes. Nevertheless, you must understand that you need to get certain data recovery software that can take care of your needs.

2How to Choose the Best Online Data Recovery Tool

Lots of online data recovery tools are available on the internet. Unfortunately, choosing the best tool is fairly hard. Do not worry, here is a list of the things you need to consider when selecting:

Excellent Performance

Without mincing words, the tool must be able to perform its function effectively. If not, it is useless.

Great User Interface

A good online data recovery tool does not have to be difficult to use. It should rather come with a simple, easy-to-use user interface that anyone can utilize.

100% Safe and Secure

It goes without saying that an excellent online data recovery tool must be free of all sorts of viruses, malware, and other elements that can put your storage device or data at risk.

Regular Updates

The regular updates are required for the tool, to ensure that it has the latest features to recover your data.

Recover a Wide Range of Data

To perform its work effectively every time, a data recovery tool must be able to recover a wide range of data. Sadly, lots of data recovery software can only recover a handful of data; so, you need to avoid such software.

Reliability across Different Device

Will your data recovery tool be able to function properly if you lost data on a memory card, USB drive or hard disk? This is an important question that must be answered before choosing a tool. A good tool must be capable of recovering your data irrespective of the type of storage device you are using.


A great online data recovery tool must be budget-friendly. You should never overlook this factor when looking for a tool.


If the software only supports Windows OS but what you’re using is Mac OS, then it should not be a good choice for you. In other words, it should be designed with 2 versions for Windows and Mac OS.

3Best Online Data Recovery Tool – AnyRecover

As stated earlier, there are various online data recovery tools but not all of them can serve you effectively. You do not have to get worked up over the need to get a data recovery tool because we have found the best online recovery tool that will solve all your data recovery issues without hassle.

AnyRecover is a highly sophisticated tool that has been designed to help you recover your data. Whether you lost the data through failed updates, physical data of storage device, malicious attacks, accidental deletions, virus or malware attacks or OS crashes, this top-notch online data recovery tool will recover any data within the shortest possible time.


1,000,000 + Downloads

  • It has both Windows and MAC OS versions.

  • It is capable of recovering data from any partition – local partition or external hard drives, etc.

  • It is relatively affordable and accessible.

  • It can recover many file types such as documents, emails, photos, audios, videos and more.

  • It has a user-friendly interface.

  • It allows you to recover all your lost data in a short time.

  • It offers you an opportunity to preview the data that will be retrieved so that you can select the particular files you want to recover.

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How to use AnyRecover

Data recovery won’t be easier than using AnyRecover, just follow these three simple steps:

1. Foremost, launch AnyRecover software and determine the path of data location. This refers to a particular place where you want to recover the lost data.

select location

2. The next steps is scanning, this process may take some time.

start scan

3. Take your time to preview all the files, then you can selectively or completely choose the data you want to retrieve. Afterward, click “Recover”.

scanned files preview

Although this online data recovery tool can always come to your aid when you need to recover any files, you must always backup your important data to prevent any data loss. It is recommended for you to have a full backup of your important data on a different storage device.

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By  Taylor Clark , to Deleted Files Recovery

Posted on Dec 09, 2019  ( Updated: Dec 16, 2019 )