[2020] Top 3 Ways on How to Clear an SD Card on Windows

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An SD card can be used to store important files and data. However, this feature can’t be explored due to the shortage of space. And it will not be possible most especially when the SD card has been infected by virus. At such point, you may be thinking of how to clear it to make it function properly once again.

There is no need bothering where to find information about such a process. This is because the major aim of this post is to help you understand how to clear an SD card.

When Will You Need to Clear an SD Card?

When it comes to clearing an SD card, there are lots of scenarios that may warrant such an action. This means that at one point in time or the other, you may be considering clearing your card for proper functioning. Below are some of the common scenarios that make you start considering how to clear an SD Card.

Free up More Space

Just as said, memory cards are different in terms of their storage spaces. If you are using one that has small storage space, it means you will need to be deleting files in order for more space to be freed up which enable the storage of more files.

Removing Virus

If your SD card is infected with virus, it will not function properly. For instance, stored files may not be accessed. There are times when they may not even be seen on a system.

Repair Error

A repair error occurs when you can’t repair the files in your SD card via your system. At such point, clearing such card may be the next option.

For Personal Information Security

For instance, you have decided to give such card to another person but don’t want him to access the files contained in it. Clearing such SD card will be the best option.

How to Clear an SD Card on Windows?

In this post, we'll introduce to you the top 3 solutions to clear an SD card on Windows, let's check it one by one.

1Clear an SD Card by Fully Formatting It on Windows

Formatting an SD card is one of the ways that enable you to solve any problem as listed above. However, you have to understand that this process will cause you lose all of your data stored in the card.

You may want to know: Can I Recover Data from Formatted SD Card?

Step 1: Get the SD card connected to a PC using card reader.

Step 2: Go to My Computer and locate the card drive.

Step 3: Right click on the card drive and choose the option which says Format. Click on it.

format sd card

Step 4: You will be told that such an action will delete all of your files, just confirm your action and click on Continue.

2Using DiskPart in Command Prompt

The use of command prompt (DiskPart) is another way that can help you solve issues on how to clear an SD card. The process is as follow:

Step 1: Get disk management opened. This can be done by right clicking on Computer > Manage > Disk Management. Now search for the SD card that you want to format. The disk number of such card should be taken note of.

Step 2: Get the Start button right-clicked on. Now select Command Prompt in order for the command prompt window to open. In case you are making use of Windows 7, get cmd typed in its search box after clicking on the Start button. cmd.exe should be right-clicked on from the results after which you will need to click on Run as administrator.

Step 3: Get Diskpart typed and Enter key should be pressed.

Step 4: Type in command list disk and press the Enter key again. Through this command, every disk on your system will be listed.

Step 5: Select disk # should be typed in. Ensure that "#" is replaced with your SD card's number as suggested in Step 1.

Step 6: Clean should be typed. After that, hit your Enter key. A message will be displayed showing that the process has been successful.

sd card cleaned successfully

3Clear an SD Card with Easeus Partition Master

The use of Easeus Partition Master can also help to ensure that your SD card is cleared. This is a different method from the above that have been mentioned. This free tool can help you in such a process:

Step 1: Get the SD card inserted into your system. Easeus Partition Master should be run. The SD can that you want to get formatted should be right-clicked on. Choose the option which says Format.

select format

Step 2: A new window will pop up. After setting the file system (EXT3, EXT2, FAT32, NTFS), partition label, and your SD card cluster size, click on OK.

Step 3: A warning window is going to appear, just click on OK.

Step 4: At the top left corner, there is Execute Operation button which you can use to commence the process of formatting. Just click on it and hit the Apply button below.

commence formatting

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files from SD Card?

Despite the above methods of clearing SD card are very effective, there are limitations you may experience by making use of them. This is evident in the fact that sometimes files may be erased accidentally. It is the reason why a data recovery tool such as AnyRecover should always be used.

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AnyRecover is a proven tool when it comes to recovering lost data and files. This means you have a chance of recovering vital files which must have been deleted accidentally from your device. Some of its features are listed above.


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Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:

Recovering any type of lost data. These could be data loss due to hard drive formatting, virus attack, lost partition, accidental deleting and more.

It is compatible with various devices like digital cameras, USB flash drives, memory cards, hard drives, and others.

Any type of file can be recovered such as photos, videos, audios, documents, archives and more.

Data recovery is safe.

Using AnyRecover is a very easy process that anyone can do only if you follow the guide or refer to the steps in the following post:

How to Recover Accidentally Replaced Files


The problem of how to clear an SD card can be resolved in various ways. However, data loss is a common scenario we might experience. It is very vital you have a recovery tool such as AnyRecover in handy.

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By  Alva Doris , to Deleted Files Recovery

Updated on Oct 21, 2020

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