How do I Delete a Virus? Find The Best Way Here

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There are lots of problems you can experience once your device has been attacked by virus. These could be working slowly, malfunctioning and deleting of files that are important. This is one major nightmare that most device users are suffering from.

If you have been asking a question such as ‘‘How do I Delete a Virus?’’, ensure to read this post from beginning to the end. It will be showing you the most effective way of solving this problem.

How Can I Delete a Virus from My Computer?

There are signs to show that your system has been infected with virus. Being aware of these signs and symptoms will help you know what to do. Some of them are:

    There will be too many pages popping up on your system.

    When your system seems to be running very slow.

    When your hard drive is producing constant sound.

    Once there is blue screen death.

For virus to be deleted from your device, you will need to try out the following:

Step 1: Enter Your PC into Safe Mode

To delete virus from your system, the first thing you need to do is boot your PC into safe mode.

1. Get Start clicked on after which you will click on Run. In case you don't have run option, Windows should be held down on your keyboard.R key should be pressed simultaneously.

2. Once your run dialog box shows up, msconfig should be typed in it after which you will then click on OK.

3. Boot should be clicked on in order to view the different options.

4. Check the option which says safe mode. After that, click on OK and get your system restarted.

Step 2: Delete Temporary Files

Once you’ve booted it into safe mode, follow the steps below to delete temporary files:

1. Open applications should be closed.

2. Go to My Computer.

3. Get the system hard drive right clicked on after which you will then have properties selected.

4. Disc clean up should be clicked on in your general tab.

deleted files recovery

5. Scroll down in the section or list which says Files To Delete and get Temporary Files selected.

6. OK should be clicked on after which you will have to confirm such decision by clicking on Yes.

7. System property box should be closed.

Step 3: Download a Virus Scanner and Run Virus Scanning

There are lots of antivirus software that you can make use of to remove virus from your system today. Just download one and run on your PC. Be careful since there are some antivirus programs that will delete important files without your permission. The reason is that they may feel such files are a threat to your PC.

Step 4: Recover or Reinstall Corrupted Software or Files

After scanning, you can delete virus from your PC by uninstalling files that detected to be threats. There are lots of files or applications that are corrupt in your system at the moment. Just get them uninstalled and reinstalled again. They will function well after doing so.

Supplementation: How to Recover Lost Data after Deleting Virus from PC

Although the virus can delete your files or data from your pc, there are other reasons that can make you lose such files like accidental deletion, hard drive crash, formatted hard drive and others. At such point, you need a tool like AnyRecover to help recover such data in the most effective way.

AnyRecover is one of the best around when it comes to recovering lost data without any problem. It makes the process look like a walk in the park thereby allowing you to make use of data which can’t be accessed. Some of its features are:


1,000,000 + Downloads

Key Advantages of Using AnyRecover:

Any kind of data loss can be recovered like virus attack, emptied recycle bin, crashed system, system format and more.

It can recover data from any kind of storage media like camcorders, mp3/mp4, hard drive, flash drives, SD cards and more.

Over 1000 files types are supported.

It is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Data recovery is safe.

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How to Recover Deleted Files with AnyRecover?

Step 1. After downloading the application, you will need to launch it. Now choose the mode which says Deleted Files Recovery.

deleted files recovery

Step 2. Choose the location that you want to get back your lost data from. It is where the data was lost like SD card, camcorder, digital camera, flash drive and others. After that, click on Next below.

deleted files select path

Step 3. Choose the type that you want to recover from your device. It could be photos, documents, videos or other types. After that Scan should be clicked on. The process of scanning such device is going to commence.

deleted files select file type

Step 4. Files will be listed once the process gets completed. They can be previewed before being recovered. Once you are sure you want to recover such files, click on the button below which says Recover.

preview and recover

Bonus Tips: How to Prevent Computer Viruses

The problem of virus attack is one that is common and has been a major nightmare to users of PCs and other devices. It is not a problem that you can live with or tolerate as something may go wrong and you will pay dearly. The good part is that there are some measures that you can put in place for virus to be prevented. Some of them are:

    Ensuring that the applications on your system are up to date. In other words, take advantage of software updates.

    Avoid using internet explorer since it isn’t safe to make use of.

    Ensure that your system has antivirus software.

    Files in your system should always be backed up.

    Don’t explore websites that are suspicious. Some of them are websites where files are always downloaded or those offering pornographic content.

    Malware scanner should always be used.

    Email attachments should always be scanned.


When it comes to a question such as ‘‘how do I delete a virus?’’, there are various options you can easily explore. However, you can still make use of a program like iMyFone AnyRecover to get back lost files. It will enable you to explore files that have been lost due to virus attack.

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