Top 3 Desktop Data Recovery Freeware You Should Never Miss

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It’s really frustrating when you open your desktop computer and find some important files get lost. This can be a result of not having your computer adequately protected and your computer gets infected with a virus that deletes all your data. When this happens, you’ll need desktop data recovery software that helps you to recover all your lost data on your desktop computer.

In this article, we provide you with information about the 3 most effective desktop data recovery freeware available in the market. After comparing the pros and cons of them, you'll know which one to choose.

Top 3 Desktop Data Recovery Freeware You Should Never Miss

1iMyFone AnyRecover

iMyFone AnyRecover happens to be reliable in recovering lost data from your device. The best part is that it is one of the best data recovery freeware tools you can get access to today on the internet.  It has been earning numerous positive reviews from users in recent times.


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AnyRecover - Most Reliable Desktop Data Recovery

  • Any kind of lost data can be recovered. This is because it supports more than 1000 different file formats.

  • It is compatible with various devices such as USB drives, SD cards, camcorders, digital cameras, and others.

  • Data can be recovered safely and fastly.

  • Various scenarios that lead to loss of data can be resolved like virus attack, formatted drive, lost partition and more.

  • It is very compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

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Learn the Easy Steps to Recover Lost Files With AnyRecover

Step 1: Download and run AnyRecover, then select the mode "Deleted Files Recovery".

deleted files recovery mode

Step 2: Select the target location you want to start finding your lost data. It could be from your Hard disk, external or removable devices then click "Next".

deleted files recovery

Step 3: Select the type of file from your audio, video, documents, photos, etc. Then click "Scan" to start the process.

deleted files recovery

Step 4: AnyRecover will do a quick scan of the selected location and display the results of the deleted files.

deleted files recovery

Step 5: When it finishes scanning, a list of deleted files will be displayed and you can preview before recovery.

deleted files recovery

Step 6: Check the files you want to retrieve then click "Recover" to get back the data. If your lost files are not shown, try "All-Round Recovery" mode for a deeper scan.

deleted files recovery

What Else Can AnyRecover Do For you?

AnyRecover is a very effective tool and easy tool to use when it comes to recovering of lost or deleted files on your PC. AnyRecover has many other benefits that will help you in your desktop data recovery process. The following are some of the benefits:

    External Device Recovery: AnyRecover will recover all your lost or deleted files from your external storage like the hard drive or external disk.

    Formatted  Disk Recovery: It can quickly recover all files from your hard drive using the Formatted disk recovery mode.

    Lost  Partition Recovery: You can select the Lost partition recovery mode to recover your lost partition files. It is not easy to find this feature in recovery tools.

    Recycle Bin Recovery: Some of the important files you accidentally deleted end up in the recycle bin. You can use AnyRecover to find them back.

    All-Round recovery: The All-round recovery mode in AnyRecover will recover all files and data that you lost from intentional or unintentional actions.

2Recoverit Data Recovery

Another top Desktop Data Recovery Freeware you can try out today is Recoverit Data Recovery. With this tool, it doesn’t really matter how your data or files must have been lost as it will ensure they are recovered. In a nutshell, it has been designed to meet the needs of various device users.

Recoverit Data Recovery is an advanced tool that you need to have at your disposal. This is how effective it can be when it comes to helping in the recovery of data. Some of its features are:

Data can be recovered from camcorders, digital cameras, flash drives, memory cards, hard drives and more.

Any kind of lost data can be recovered.

Different file formats are supported.

Data recovery process is safe.

Windows and Mac are supported.

  • It is user-friendly.

  • Your data will be safely recovered.

  • It supports different types of devices.

  • It is free to use.

  • Although this tool is free to make use of, you will need to take out time and master its features.

3MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is another powerful Desktop Data Recovery Freeware that most people are making use of at the moment. The best part is that they are getting positive results.

MiniTool power recovery tool has some of the most advanced features you can ever find on most Desktop Data Recovery Freeware tools across the web. Some of them will be listed out below:

Photo files can be easily recovered.

Files can be recovered from hard drive, USB drive, RAW, SD card and more.

High success of getting recovered files.

Works fast and effectively during recovery processes.

  • Data can be recovered safely using this tool.

  • It can recover even rare and unusual file formats.

  • Your data is secured during the recovery process.

  • Although it comes with a trial version, the features are very much limited.

How to Increase Data Recovery Success Rate?

If you accidentally delete data, the data can still be recovered from your device as long as there is no further data damage. The following are some of the things you need to avoid so that you can have a successful desktop data recovery.

    Avoid formatting or reformatting the disk which can at times affect the data recovery results. Formatting removes important information that is needed in successfully recovering the lost data.

    Do not try to rebuild partition table as it can cause further damage to the data if the save partition table command is executed when the correct partition has not been identified. You can only use this function if you lose a partition.

    Avoid editing files or viewing any files or folders from the disk that had the lost data as it will likely create temporary files that will cause more damage.

    Do not create new files or store any more data on the disk.

Bonus: AnyRecover 20% Coupon Code

Through the coupon code offered by AnyRecover, you will get access to one of the best data recovery tools at a knock-off price. Below is how to take advantage of this offer today:

Step 1: The code you need to copy is: ANY-ART-D20.

Step 2: Go to the purchase page of AnyRecover: for Win or for Mac and choose any version to purchase. Click Add to Cart.

check to enter coupon code

Step 3: On the next page, locate the place where you will need to paste the code you have copied.

Step 4: Paste it inside in the box and click Apply. The price will reduce after these steps.

type code and apply

20% off on anyrecover

Final Thoughts

It is clear that there are lots of Desktop Data Recovery Freeware tools on the internet. These will definitely help you save money while you recover lost data from your various devices without a problem. The best one to make use of is iMyFone AnyRecover because of its advanced features.

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