Ontrack Data Recovery: An Overview & Its Perfect Alternative

Has your data ever been lost, inaccessible, damaged, corrupted or formatted from your media storage or drive? Everyone at some point has lost important data that they needed to be recovered. Ontrack Data Recovery is a nice software which ensures a near 100% recovery of all your lost files. However, there is much that is left to be desired. In this article, you will find out the features and the best alternative to Ontrack.

1 Ontrack Data Recovery Overview

Ontrack is the data expert when it comes to recovering, restoring, erasing and eDiscovery. This organization prides itself on being able to recover lost data from any device, no matter the situation which led to the loss from 12 hours to 30 days. They also have a customer support which is available 24 hours of the day, all year round.

Features of Ontrack

This software is able to recover data from any platform, anywhere it is, no matter the situation leading to the loss of data.

Ontrack will recover your data from 12 hours after the loss to 30 days.

Ontrack Recovery services allow the customer to choose between self-service or full management procedure.

The tool can recover various kinds of files including photos, emails, documents etc.

Cons of Ontrack

It takes hours to evaluate the situation.

The fastest recovery time is 12 hours, which negatively affects any job where there's a very small window period for submission.

It can be expensive therefore not accessible to everyone.

2 Best Alternatives To Ontrack Data Recovery – AnyRecover

AnyRecover is an advanced data recovery tool to help you recover any data irrespective of how you lost it in quick and easy steps within only a short period of time. Let's check out some main features of AnyRecover.


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Key Features of AnyRecover
  • Recovers any data irrespective of whether the file was changed, lost or deleted.

  • Recovers items from any partition, whether local or external hard drives.

  • Recovers 1000+ files types including photos, videos, documents, audios, emails etc. from damaged or faulty hard drives.

  • Allows you preview items to be recovered so that you choose exactly what you want to retrieve.

  • User-friendly: The steps are easy and few, your data will be recovered in a few minutes.

  • Affordable therefore more accessible.

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AnyRecover vs Ontrack Data Recovery

Ontrack takes hours to evaluate and even longer to recover lost files. AnyRecover lets you retrieve your files immediately.

Ontrack may have complex processes that will require the assistance of data expert. AnyRecover is user-friendly and produced for self-help.

Ontrack is more expensive than AnyRecover and is therefore not easily accessed by many.

Ontrack does not offer any trial period. The customer is therefore not sure of the efficiency of the product when he purchases it.

Ontrack is efficient no doubt. However, AnyRecover clearly has a wider coverage of retrievable items whether from viruses or damaged hard drive.

Ontrack Data Recover has helped people recover their documents yet AnyRecover has clearly taken over the field with its fast, efficient and simple method of file recovery. Who wants to wait for hours or days to recover a file that's needed immediately? No one. This makes AnyRecover the preferred choice when it comes to data recovery. Speed. Efficiency. User-Friendly. Cost effective. Guaranteed. Customer satisfaction.

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By  James Crawford , to Deleted Files Recovery

Posted on Dec 03, 2018  ( Updated: Dec 31, 2019 )

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