Best Alternative to Recover My Files Data Recovery Software

If you have ever searched how to recover your lost data, you’d have come across a powerful data recovery software called “Recover My Files”. How good is it really, and which alternative could you turn to?

1 Recover My Files Review

Recover My Files is a fairly popular data recovery software. It is known to be both powerful and reliable, and offers a simple, easy to use interface. The program is end-user specific, with different versions existing depending on your demands. Thanks to its easy to use interface, the program does not require any technological skills or technical understanding for installation or use. This has contributed in no small way to the popularity enjoyed by the program. Some of its features include:


Preview lost files before recovery, ensuring that you are able to retrieve only actual files which you need.

Super compatible with various versions of the Windows Operating System.

Deep search algorithm allows you to retrieve older and more severe lost files.

Compatible with multiple file systems including FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS, HFS+, NTFS and NTFS5.


Recover My File is only suitable for Windows PC.

Allows limited search options.

Fairly expensive to purchase.

recover my files price

2 Best Alternative to Recover My Files – AnyRecover

The best alternative to the “Recover My Files” data recovery software, AnyRecover is a sophisticated and advanced software program that allows you easily recover your lost files. It scans through your system for lost files, and can be equally used to recover deleted, inaccessible or lost files from your USB drive, memory card, hard drive, and other external storage devices.

AnyRecover’s sophisticated Deep Scan algorithm allows it achieve up to 98% recovery success rate, making it the most efficient data recovery software out there. It scans deep into the data structure of your device to retrieve any lost or deleted data. Importantly, AnyRecover has a simple installation process, and a clear recovery process that does not require any technical knowledge.


1,000,000 + Downloads

Key Features & Pros of AnyRecover
  • Multi-file support – Supports the recovery of over 1000 different file formats, including pictures, videos, office documents, archives, audio and music files, and emails.

  • Multi-device support - ecover your lost, inaccessible, or deleted files from every kind of storage device, including PCs, Mac, memory cards, USB drives, camcorders, mobile phones, cameras and external hard drives.

  • Safe recovery - Recover your lost files without risking the safety of already existing data through file overwrite. Your stored data is 100% safe and will not be overwritten.

  • Multiple data loss situations - Restore your files that have been lost to multiple data loss situations, including mistaken deletion, formatted drives and storage devices, emptied recycle bins, damaged drives, lost partitions, virus or malware attack, and system or software crash or malfunction.

  • Cost-effective - Enjoy a free trial period to see if this is the software for you, and take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied upon purchase.

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Steps to Recover your Lost Files Using AnyRecover

STEP 1 Run AnyRecover software and select your preferred mode from six recovery modes – depending on the data loss situation.

anyrecover interface

STEP 2 Select your desired recovery location which held the data before its loss. For external device recovery, simply connect the external device to the PC and select as your location.

anyrecover interface

STEP 3 Select the file type to streamline the data search and click “Scan” to begin the process.

anyrecover select file type

STEP 4 After a moment, the software will present you with a list of lost data.

anyrecover scan

STEP 5 Preview each file to make sure you have your desired files, select your desired files, and click “Recover” to retrieve.

anyrecover preview

anyrecover preview

Note: It is advisable that you do not overwrite your lost data before attempting to recover it as this increases the odds against recovery.

With AnyRecover you can recover your files that have been accidentally or deliberately deleted, removed from the Recycle Bin, accidentally formatted, or even lost to a crashed drive or software. This is a cheaper, more reliable option to Recover My Files. This sophisticated software gives you a much-needed confidence boost despite the nervy moment that a data loss may invoke.
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By  James Crawford , to Deleted Files Recovery

Updated on Dec 16, 2019

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