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Data loss is a common problem that people who store their data in digital form face. To relieve people of the stress they face after losing important data, numerous companies have come up with data recovery tools. EaseUS Data Recovery is one of the data recovery tools available online. In this article, we want to show you the best EaseUS Data Recovery alternative. But first, let’s see what exactly is EaseUS Data Recovery.

1 What is EaseUS Data Recovery?

EaseUS Data Recovery is a tool that claims to have the ability to help its users recover unlimited data. The tool claims that it will be able to work with, Windows PC, Macs, iOS devices, and Android devices. The official page for the tool suggests that it is easy and quick to use. The users only need to follow three simple steps to get their data back.

Main Features:

EaseUS Data Recovery has several features that it offers its users. These include:

It can recover data lost through various situations. These situations include virus infections, human error, hardware failure, and others.

It features automatic file scanning.

The customers can use the free version to confirm whether EaseUS Data Recovery will be able to help them before paying for it.

The tool's website claims it is both easy and quick to use.

To view more reviews about EaseUS Data Recovery, you can click here.


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2 Best EaseUS Data Recovery Alternative – AnyRecover

If you lose your data, you would want a tool that makes it as easy as possible for you to recover the data. Such a tool is available and it is known as AnyRecover. In comparison to EaseUS Data Recovery, AnyRecover is much quicker and easier to use. The tool uses its special algorithm to recover unlimited data. It has numerous benefits to offer. We have outlined these below.


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Key Features of AnyRecover
  • The tool has the highest recovery rate – AnyRecover will help you get back over 98% of your lost data. If none of the lost data is overwritten, AnyRecover will recover 100% of the data.

  • AnyRecover supports 1000+ file formats. It makes it possible for you to recover all data types.

  • Unlike EaseUS Data Recovery which allows you to recover data on a limited number of devices, AnyRecover will allow you to recover your data from all storage devices. With AnyRecover, you will need only one software to recover your data from SD cards, mobile devices, camcorders, hard drives, etc.

  • You can get back your data irrespective of how you lost it. You can recover deleted data, data lost via formatting, the data you lose after a power outage, etc.

  • In comparison to EaseUS Data Recovery, AnyRecover has a much better price. It is affordable and it offers value for the money you pay for it.

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How to recover data using AnyRecover?

STEP 1 Download and install AnyRecover from the store. Insert or connect your drive/card to your computer if you want to recover external storage devices.

STEP 2 Begin the scanning process by selecting the recovery mode depending on your need.

anyrecover interface

STEP 3 Choose the file types to have a more accurate searching.

anyrecover select file type

STEP 4 It will show the scanning result in list.

anyrecover scan

STEP 5 Simply preview the files and click "Recover" to retrive your data.

anyrecover preview

anyrecover preview

This article shows you the best EaseUS Data Recovery alternatives. The tool that stands out is AnyRecover. What makes AnyRecover much better is its ability to support 1000+ file formats, the capability to support numerous storage media, and more. The tool can be tried for free before being purchased at an affordable price. If you have lost your data, acquiring AnyRecover will eliminate all your stress.


By  James Crawford , to Deleted Files Recovery

Posted on Nov 26, 2018  ( Updated: Sep 11, 2019 )

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