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2023-02-20 18:27:56
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There are times when you plan to recover files that have been deleted accidentally from your system. At such point, you may want to make use of active file recovery. There are lots of details you should know about this method before adopting it. For instance, the software may be cracked or even damaged.

This post will be explaining in details some facts about active file recovery which you should know. There is no doubt that you will be well - equipped to make the right decision after reading it from start to finish.

Part 1: Why is Active File Recovery Not Recommended

Active file recovery may seem like a great option when it comes to recovering your lost or deleted files but has been known to have some flaws. Attempting to overlook these issues can make you have problems when trying to recover your files using it which can be very frustrating. Its shortcomings have made it to be less popular amongst users of various devices in recent times.

It Isn’t User Friendly

Using this tool can be very difficult especially for those who aren’t IT inclined. Its features aren’t explained or highlighted in a straightforward way. You may have to rack your brains to explore them fully.

Compatibility Problems

It is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Mac users haven’t been taken into consideration.

No Trial Version

This means you may stand the risk of buying something that can’t meet your needs in terms of file recovery.

Part 2: Best Alternative to Active File Recovery - iMyFone AnyRecover

When it comes to file recovery, there is no doubt that you need a tool that is comprehensive in terms of features and functionalities. iMyFone AnyRecover has proven to be one of the best amongst others. It is not only safe but very reliable to make use of.


1,000,000 + Downloads

Key Features of AnyRecover:

Any type of lost data can be recovered, no matter it was lost due to accidentally deleting, OS crash, hard drive damaging or lost partition,, virus attack, etc.

Recovers lost data from any PCs or storage media: external hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive, music player, and more.

Highly compatible with over 1000 file types including photos, videos, office documents, emails, and so on.

Files are 100% secure and privacy protected.

It can recover unlimited files and preview is available before recovering.

One of the best parts about AnyRecover tool is that it is user - friendly in lots of regards. Below are some of the steps you need to take in order to make use of this tool in the most effective ways to recover your lost, damaged or formatted files.

Step 1: Selection of Data Recovery Mode

In this stage, you will need to choose the way through which such file was lost after opening the application. It could be through recycle bin, formatting or being damaged in your system.

choose recovery mode

Step 2: Location Selection

This stage involves the selection of the spot or location through which such data was lost. It could be in an external storage device or any of your hard disk drives. After selecting the location, hit the “Next” button below.

select a location

Step 3: File Type Selection

This is the next stage where you will be required to choose the type of file which you want to be recovered. It could be audio, video, photo, document or other types of files. After the selection, click on “Scan” and it will begin to search for the lost files.

select file type

Step 4: Preview and Recover

Once the scanning is complete, you will be shown various results. You can even preview the files before clicking on "Recover" below.

preview and recovery

Part 3: Comparison Between Active File Recovery and iMyFone AnyRecover

Although both the two tools are great when it comes to recovering of files, they seem to be very different. For instance, iMyFone AnyRecover is user - friendly while Active File Recovery isn’t. Also, AnyRecover offers a free trial version for users to try out its features but this isn’t the case with the other tool.

Active File Recovery
Deep Scan
Trash/Recycle Bin Recovery
Preview Data
Multiple Files Recovery
External Devices Recovery
Scan Specific Path
Scan Specific File Type
Available Version
Free Trial

Bonus: How to Avoid Deleted Files Scares

The issue of deleted files is one that can be very frustrating most especially when the files involved are very vital. Below are some of the strategies you can adopt to avoid such scenario:

  • Check your recycle bin and use its search feature.

  • Immediately the file gets deleted, shut down your system.

  • Check your backups.

  • Apply an SSD data recovery tool such as iMyFone AnyRecover.


Based on the above, it is obvious that the use of a comprehensive tool for the recovery of your lost data is very important. This is because it doesn’t only ensure that vital files are recovered but also makes the process very easy for anyone to carry out. After comparing the Active File Recovery and iMyFone AnyRecover, you must have your choice in mind.

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