Instagram Reels Not Working? Here’s What You Need to Do

2021-09-03 16:37:52
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Instagram Reels is a new and exciting feature that the popular social media platform has introduced. With this feature, you can create short videos, add effects and music, and post them on Instagram. In essence, Reels is Instagram's answer to Tik Tok's rising popularity.

If you are excited about this new feature, you are probably anxious to try it. However, many users have reported the Instagram Reels not working issue. In this article, you will learn what you need to do if you encounter this problem.

How to Solve Instagram Reels Not Working Issue

1. Check Whether Reels Shows at Several Places

Sometimes the Instagram Reels not working issue is not a software glitch. However, especially after an update, Reels must have moved to another place. So the first thing you need to do is checking whether the feature shows in your app. The possible places where you find the feature are:

  • Check at the bottom of your screen to find out if the Reels icon appears on your menu, next to the Explore icon.

  • Go to other users' profiles and check if they have a Reels tab that will appear next to their IGTV tab.

  • Tap the + icon to create a new post. If Reels is available to you, it will appear among your options.

  • Swipe right to quickly enter the create mode and check if Reels is available to you.

  • Check your Explore page to find Reels from other users.

ins reels button

2. Reboot the Device

If you encounter the Instagram Reels not working issue, you might experience some software bugs. Sometimes, this can be fixed by simply rebooting your device, whether you have an Android or an iOS device. Reboot the device, launch Instagram, and try to find whether the Reels not working issue has been solved.

reboot your phone

3. Clear the App and Browser Cache

Another solution to this issue might be clearing the cache data, which can usually solve several problems.

On your Android device, we recommend that you clear the cache data of both Instagram and your browser. The process for this is the following:

  • Tap on the Instagram icon until you see the options.

  • Tap App info > Storage & cache.

  • From the new screen, tap Clear Cache.

  • Repeat the process for your browser.

ins clear cache

On the other hand, iOS devices don't allow you to clear the cache data. To remove them, you will need to uninstall and reinstall Instagram. The steps for doing this are:

  • Tap on the Instagram app and hold it until you see the options.

  • Then, tap Delete App and confirm your option.

  • Once the app is removed, launch the App Store.

  • Find Instagram and reinstall it.

  • delete app ins

4. Update the Instagram App

Another way with which you can solve the Instagram Reels not working issue is by updating the Instagram app. The social media platform hasn't made Reels available to all the countries in the world. For this reason, Reels might become available in your region in the new update. If this is the case, you will find it once you upgrade your app. To do that, you will need to launch Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on the device you have. Then, check for updates and install them if there is one available.

ins update app store

5. Reinstall the App

We have already explained that on iOS devices, you can uninstall and reinstall Instagram to fix Instagram reels not working issue. You can repeat the process we have already explained.

Here is how to do it on Android device:

  • Tap on the app and keep holding it until you can see the options.

  • Tap Uninstall.

  • uninstall ins
  • Then, launch Google Play Store and reinstall Instagram.

6. Log out and in the Account

Sometimes, if you are managing multiple Instagram accounts, you might experience a software glitch like Instagram reels not working. Therefore, by logging out and back into your account, you will solve any potential issue caused by this bug.

ins log in

7. Switch Your Private Account to Public

If your account is set to private, then you might encounter some issues with Reels. Therefore, you can try changing this setting, on both Android and iOS. The process is the following:

  • Launch Instagram and visit your profile.

  • Tap on the hamburger menu to access the settings.

  • Then, go to Settings > Privacy.

  • From this menu, disable the toggle next to the Account Privacy option. This will make your profile public and accessible to all users.

ins account privacy

8. Join the Beta Program

Another possible fix for the Instagram Reels not working issue is to join the beta program. By doing this, you will become an Instagram beta tester, and you will get to try the new features that the app is developing. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot install the Instagram beta app. To join the beta program, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch Google Play Store and open Instagram's page.

  • Scroll down to find the Join the Beta option. Tap the Join button.

  • Confirm your option by tapping the Join button on the popup window.

  • Then, update Instagram to get the beta version of the app.

  • join the beta ins

9. Update the Operating System

One more method to fix Reels on Instagram not working is to update your device's operating system.

On Android devices, you can do that in this way:

  • Go to Settings > About Phone.

  • Then, tap Check for Updates.

  • Wait for your device to search for updates, and if there is one, install it.

update android os

On the other hand, on iOS devices, the same task can be completed in this way:

  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

  • Your phone will search for an available update. If there is one, tap on it to install it.

  • software update ins

10. Report the Problem

If none of the above is working, you can report the reels not working problem to Instagram team. The steps to do this are the following:

  • Launch Instagram and go to your profile.

  • Tap the hamburger menu.

  • Go to Settings > Help.

  • Then, tap the Report a Problem option.

  • report a problem ins
  • Type Instagram Reels Not Working.

  • You can also add proof by taking a screenshot.

  • Tap the Submit button to report your issue.

11. Wait until Reels Gets available

In some cases, Instagram Reels is not available in your region, and for this reason, you can't find it in your app. However, the social media platform is working to make it available to more countries. Therefore, you should be patient until the new update comes.


Instagram Reels is an exciting new feature with which you can create fun videos. And if you find this feature is not working on your instagram, you can try all the methods mentioned above to fix it. Good luck!

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